Second, the primitive times _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core tip: from the point of view of the existing archaeological data, conclude that the Chinese ancient pottery begins around seven thousand years ago is not a problem. The earliest pottery originated in the Yellow River basin, the dragon in shaanxi many, nutrient-laden from the point of view of the existing archaeological data, conclude that the Chinese ancient pottery begins around seven thousand years ago is not a problem. The earliest pottery originated in the Yellow River basin, the dragon its many in shaanxi, the wei river and gansu were concentrated in the east. Eastern gansu province of the first-stage project of the culture, not only on the shape of more neat, and with a simple decoration, is one of the earliest painted pottery culture in the world. During this period there has been a potter's wheel technology, ceramics has become a kind of special technology. The banpo culture of painted pottery in slightly later than the earth bay issue culture, the grain is slightly complicated, give priority to with geometric patterns. In shaanxi, henan, shanxi provinces border region as the center of the bottom groove temple culture, painted pottery decorative pattern is more abound change, with arc and strong dynamic diagonal lines reflect the deformation of the animal image. Common in the daily life of fish, birds, pigs and human beings are as decoration pattern. These descriptions of grain are very vivid, rational layout, is the original painting, is also a reliable image data of study of Chinese painting. Around four thousand years ago the horse home kiln culture, is derived from the banpo culture in the development of a branch of the ancient qiang group. Associated with the other two branches, is a cultural and the factory area, after is the longshan culture and a glorious era. Ma's cultural types of ceramic kiln, the surface is polished, outside the table smooth and well-balanced, with black single color deco. Decorative pattern in full, in the bowl, dish, bowl type of exposure to implements the inside, also had a pattern. The people of ancient times, cave are, the work centers around the fishing and hunting life diet, so the invention of the urgent need to have initial kettle urn and so on. Appear on the ceramic decoration, are making great progress in human productivity level, solve the problem of dine outside, still hold, so people started to meet minimum requirements, the pursuit of beauty. The hexi corridor region horse painted pottery factory type, the shape of generally small, some vessels have wear a hole, easy to carry reflects the economic situation of the agriculture and animal husbandry in this region. While in the mid-levels color ceramic appeared, the form of sow seeds to explain the development of agriculture and the progress of the people's creativity. In primitive society, the text has not been perfect maturity. Pattern image intuitive is strong, iconic at that time, such as decorative performance, so the study of painted pottery pattern will also provide evidence for ancient research. China since ancient times is a multi-ethnic populated country, in the original period, more complex clan, tribe, in the production of specific conditions to form the unique cultural characteristics of the aesthetic demand, each with a representative the iconic image of clan culture, also produce the spirit cohesive forces cannot be underestimated. And with the clan culture change ups and downs, pottery decoration also appeared in the form of different content. Early humans in the process of pottery making, lack of raw materials on the exploring and using of experience, there are a lot of limitations. On the use of fire is not mature enough. So made from ceramic quality of a material is loose. To the middle and late neolithic age, pottery species began to increase, from argillaceous or sand clay to grey pottery, black pottery, painted pottery and white pottery, etc. In addition, for the sake of decoration or improve quality, and create a white, red coating, and using Fe2O3 ( Black) 、MnO2( Red) For coloring color material. On the forming process, and create a habitation and gradually perfect the wheel system, molding, surface polishing, thin body shaping, multiple means such as printing grain. The original firing conditions more humble, which made the early pottery tire body reddish brown. This is because in the firing process, forming strong oxidizing flame, a large amount of air into the clay in the iron oxide ingredients to become red, yellow, combined with the raw material of AL2O3 is low, high flux quantity, also have obvious influence on the formation of red pottery. Ancient ceramics fire technical data, yet from the search and but from existing data that may be used at the beginning of the neolithic straw on the ground with fire fire directly, this method has used in many remote backward area, referred to as 'no kiln burning tao'. Suppression of shao culture type kiln basic is horizontal hole and vertical hole, just mud mining, with straw as the fuel, no chimney, furnace temperature is uniform, small heat loss, sintering temperature can reach 1000 degrees. From longshan culture period, generally used vertical hole kiln, by HuoTang, fire channel, kiln of three parts, the kiln diameter of about 1 meter, combustion air supply is sufficient, when make the straw burning, the flame along the bottom evenly into the kiln, the kiln temperature, high temperature can reach 1050 degrees, also for later appear mantou kiln, down-draft kiln lay the necessary foundation. Throughout the Chinese painted pottery technology and art, four thousand eight hundred years. In fact, it is still a difficult to textual research of the upper limit of s fans, with the ongoing of archaeological work eight, there may be a different new understanding. In terms of existing data, it can be said that not only is our country ancient ancient pottery art treasures, it also has important place in the history of world culture, it is a precious cultural heritage of mankind, is the human incomparably glorious chapter in the history of civilization.
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