Searches for creative toys have surged in the past seven days and are very popular

by:Ennas      2021-12-05

Children's Day is coming soon. Everyone is racking their brains to find gifts. The reporter found that their common goal is, 'It is best to have something new, and children like it.' But on the other hand, Ningbo's toy companies are also distracted by 'creative' and 'new ideas'. It's not that the company doesn't want to do it. It's a bit difficult. The search for creative toys has increased dramatically in the past seven days. 'The gifts in kindergarten will be different every year, and there is nothing new. This year, the teachers in the grade group discussed and finally selected a small hat with a brim. Duck and other cartoon patterns.' Teacher Li from Minglou Kindergarten said that every year when he buys gifts and distributes them to children, they often think about it, choose and choose.   In addition to school, parents often want to create a surprise for their children on 'Six Day'. Data from Taobao Index shows that in the last seven days, searches for 'creative toys' have increased by 23.5% month-on-month.  Toy companies are mainly copying  In Ningbo, there are also many toy companies, especially in recent years, the toy export market has slowed down, and many companies are also trying to innovate. It's just that the ideal is full, and the reality is very skinny.  In Ningbo and even in China, most toy companies focus on foreign trade. The reason is that foreign trade is relatively simple and stable. Customers can place orders and be responsible for production without having to bear too much market risk.   Ms. Zhan made toys in Ningbo before, and recently went to Shantou to develop. Shantou is a well-known toy production base in China. She bluntly said that in China, toy manufacturers still focus on copying, and there are countless case books with minor modifications based on foreign designs. Practice-oriented design is welcomed by the market. 'I have come into contact with many foreign toy designers. Their concepts are more avant-garde and the products they design are easy to implement, while the products of domestic designers often look beautiful, but they are difficult to practice. This It may be related to the educational philosophy. Foreign children always practice first and then theory, but ours is the opposite.' The person in charge of a toy company in Ningbo is also worried about not being able to find good design talents.  One of the natures of babies and toddlers is that they like to put anything that is visible and touchable into their mouths. The Hape building blocks, which are well-known in the industry for 'safety   Several years ago, this company came to Ningbo, China, and developed the world's first production line of bamboo toys from Hessen, Germany. Take its bamboo sunshine doll house as an example. The flipable solar panels on the roof can absorb and store solar energy. At night, the light emitted can fully illuminate the three rooms in the bamboo sunshine house. Tong Lao is amazed. Last year, this toy won an exclusive report from CNN.
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