Sculpture manufacturer tells you: the characteristics of cast bronze sculpture and its installation steps

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, cast bronze sculpture is a relatively common one. For cast bronze sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the characteristics of cast bronze sculptures. And its installation steps. 1. The characteristics of cast bronze sculptures 1. Volume consciousness sculpture is a three-dimensional space entity. The feelings given to people first come from its form, and it must show the momentum, emotion and vitality of the image through the form. Looking at the sculpture from a distance, first The purpose of touching is to receive the shape that first came from it, and to show the momentum, emotion and vitality of the image through the shape. Looking at the sculpture from a distance, the first thing to touch is the image effect. The image is the overall outline presented by the large ups and downs of the shape of the work. Various sculptures pass through themselves. The images of the body give the viewer different feelings. 2. Most of the environmental awareness sculptures are made for a specific environment. When placed outdoors, they have to have a relationship with the environment (sun shadow, skylight, landscape, architecture, etc.). It is necessary to pay attention to environmental awareness. The sculpture works are coordinated with the surrounding environment, can act on the environment, and make the environment an integral part of the work, co-existing new landscapes. For example, urban sculpture refers to long-term placement in urban squares, gardens, and gardens. Sculptures on the streets or in front of buildings, bridgeheads and other fixed positions are the general term for sculptures related to the appearance of the city. Urban sculptures often become symbols of urban culture and play a role in beautifying the city. 3. Symbolic bronze sculptures The image is simple, and it is impossible to make a complicated and detailed depiction. Therefore, the figure is usually given symbolicity to express the theme. This is the symbolic consciousness. Chinese sculptures mostly use the figures and animals with strong decorative features to give them symbolism and meaning. Sculpture installation steps 1. Installation requirements The cast copper sculpture is installed firmly, the lines of each part are smooth and natural, and the joints are welded firmly, and the overall effect meets the design requirements. 2. Control measures There are technical persons in charge and arts and crafts during the installation and construction of the cast copper sculpture. Masters, technicians and other technicians assemble the sculpture layer by layer in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings. During the assembly process, adjust the butt joints of the sculpture to ensure the docking effect of the copper sculpture installation. After the installation is completed, the sculpture will be carried out under the guidance of the master of arts and crafts. Artistic adjustment and artistic treatment to ensure that the quality of the sculpture meets the design requirements. 3. Read the protection measures in detail, master the underground pipeline drawings and materials provided by the design and construction units, and hold a construction cooperation meeting for each pipeline unit before the implementation of the project example to collect pipeline information . Excavate the necessary sample holes for the underground pipelines that affect the construction and the construction. Check to find out the exact situation of the underground pipelines and make records. The above content is the characteristics of the bronze sculpture brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer The introduction of its installation steps, I hope it can help you. Beijing Sculpture Company is a comprehensive sculpture manufacturer engaged in sculpture design, production and installation. It is committed to fiberglass sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, casting sculpture, forged sculpture, relief sculpture Design and production of diversified urban sculptures, garden sculptures, landscape sculpture products, such as rockery and plastic stone, character sculptures, spiritual fortresses, and installation and production of glass steel sculpture manufacturers and stainless steel sculptures , Dedicated to provide you with high-quality all-round sculpture production design and quotation services for the price of fiberglass sculpture and the price of stainless steel sculpture.
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