Sculpture manufacturer: installation steps and maintenance of cast bronze sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-18
We can see all kinds of sculptures everywhere in our lives. Among them, cast bronze sculpture is a relatively common one. For cast bronze sculptures, people may still have a little understanding of it. Let me introduce the installation of cast bronze sculptures. Steps and maintenance. 1. Installation steps of the cast bronze sculpture 1. Installation requirements The cast bronze sculpture is installed firmly, the lines of each part are smooth and natural, the joints are welded firmly, and the overall effect meets the design requirements. 2. Control measures The installation and construction process of the cast bronze sculpture There are technical persons in charge, arts and crafts masters, technicians and other technical personnel to assemble the sculpture layer by layer in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction drawings. During the assembly process, adjust the butt joint gap of the sculpture to ensure the docking effect of the installation of the cast copper sculpture. Under the guidance of art masters, the sculptures are artistically adjusted and artistically processed to ensure that the quality of the sculptures meets the design requirements. 3. Read the protection measures in detail, master the underground pipeline drawings and materials provided by the design and construction units, and hold each pipeline before the implementation of the project examples The unit construction cooperates with the meeting to collect pipeline information. Excavate the necessary sample holes for the underground pipelines that affect the construction and the construction. Check to find out the exact situation of the underground pipelines and make records. 2. Maintenance of the cast bronze sculpture 1. Environmental maintenance The more important thing about the bronze sculpture is the environment. The environment it is in is kept dry and free of dust and air pollutants! The temperature of the greenhouse where it is located is controlled at 18℃-24℃, and the humidity is 40%-50%. 2. Defense When we maintain cast bronze sculptures, we must learn to defend against some harmful chemicals from the outside world, such as acids, chlorides, etc.! Also, porters must wear cotton in their hands rather than gloves when moving bronze sculptures. The reason why you don’t let everyone touch the sculpture directly with your hands is to prevent the sweat on your hands from corroding it. 3. Cleaning When cleaning the cast bronze sculpture, you must not be careful, and be sure to use a clean and soft cloth. Come and wipe away the dust. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to blow away the dust in the places where the sculptures are not easy to wipe with a cloth. 4. Polishing For the Xiamen cast bronze sculptures that have been placed for a long time and appear dull, treat them Do not wipe with a cloth vigorously when doing the wipe test, but use a cotton-than-quality muslin cloth to gently wipe to achieve the polishing effect, and it can also make the protective wax layer on the surface of the cast bronze sculpture bloom again. If you add some special purpose The polished object could not be better, but the materials need to be purchased before they can return their unique color. The above content is the installation steps and maintenance of the bronze sculpture brought to you by the Beijing sculpture manufacturer I hope it can help you.
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