Sculpture company: the placement and advantages of stainless steel sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
Stainless steel sculptures are not only built in high-rise buildings. In addition to alleviating urban congestion, they can also be used for city decoration and beautification. Stainless steel sculptures can also be seen in many other places, such as parks, schools, etc. The advantage of sculpture reflects its extremely high usage rate. Below, Beijing Stainless Steel Sculpture Company will introduce you to the location and advantages of stainless steel sculptures. First, the location of stainless steel sculptures 1. City entrance, enter a city, these cities The stainless steel sculpture at the entrance is always visible everywhere. The large stainless steel sculpture is the city builders want to express their expectations of the city, hope that city life will get better and better, and have confidence in the future development of the city. In short, the theme is different. But the way of expression is quite different, that is, it is fully expressed through the atmosphere of large stainless steel sculptures. 2. Large squares and urban squares are also a very common place for stainless steel sculptures. Although it is not like the stainless steel sculptures placed at the entrance of the city, But it can be used as a city card. However, it is still a choice for expressing the theme of space. A large stainless steel sculpture located in an open city square can not only play a role in embellishing the space, but also give people a sense of relief and pleasure. I Can't help but think about it. 3. In the park area, the effect is similar to the effect placed on the large square. The park usually places stainless steel sculptures at the entrance. Due to the large flow of people in the park, considering the cost and other factors, abstract stainless steel sculptures are cost-effective The choice. 4. Enterprises and institutions, many enterprises and institutions will place stainless steel sculptures to show the power of their style. 5. Campuses and communities, we often see stainless steel sculptures at the entrances of campuses and communities, but if you think of stainless steel sculptures If it is just suitable for placement at the entrance of the gate, it would be wrong. Now stainless steel sculptures can also be used to sculpt physical objects. Second, the advantages of stainless steel sculptures 1. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel sculptures Stainless steel materials are resistant to weak corrosion such as air, water vapor, and water. The characteristics of sexual media and chemically corrosive media such as acids, alkalis, and salts. Due to the many advantages of stainless steel sculptures, many urban sculptures are made of stainless steel materials. 2. Stainless steel sculptures are easy to maintain. At present, the main materials of stainless steel sculptures are: 201# stainless steel, 304# stainless steel, 316# stainless steel, 304# stainless steel is currently used more frequently. These materials are relatively strong. 3. The stainless steel sculpture installation is firm. Stainless steel generally needs to be welded and installed, and it is stronger. After installation, the stainless steel sculpture is not strong. 4. Stainless steel sculpture has high aesthetics. Stainless steel itself has luster. With various colors, stainless steel sculptures are dazzling and pleasing to the eye. 5. Stainless steel sculptures are cost-effective. Stainless steel sculptures have the advantages of being resistant to deformation and long service life. Stainless steel sculptures The cost is lower. The aesthetics is good. The above is an introduction to the placement of stainless steel sculptures and their advantages. I hope I can help you.
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