Scam from Barbie

by:Ennas      2021-12-20

□ Cui Bin is not afraid of opponents like gods, but teammates like pigs. 'I' counts almost everything, but I did not expect Lao Mei to be so dedicated, even the Bank of China is closed during the holidays, so that you can see the news about 'I'—— (Related reading: well-known toy manufacturing Shang Mattel suffered email fraud)    During the May 1st holiday, American Mattel, the manufacturer of the well-known children’s toy 'BarbieThe new CEO instructed the financial institution to remit US$3.2 million to Wenzhou Bank. Fortunately, the money was not taken away in time for the bank’s holiday.   was filed by the police and exposed by the media. This time 'I' was planted. But also because of 'plantingIn addition to thanking various TVs, various online media, and family members who have always supported 'meWithout them, 'I' would still be playing low-level scams like 'picking up a purse to divide money' and 'can win a prize' on the smoggy streets.   The first thing to thank is the Internet community. Without your sparse network security protection and ineffectiveness in preventing the sale of network information, 'I' would not be able to use network viruses to steal or buy from the Internet the internal email addresses of large American companies.   I would also like to thank my friends in the telecommunications industry. A company as big as Mattel must have rigorous consultation and communication before making a multi-million dollar investment. Without the 'transparent transmission' lines that telecom operators have opened for profit, 'I' cannot change the number, disguising their phone numbers and information as executives of Mattel, as well as authorities such as industry and commerce and taxation, to obtain Mattel. Financial trust.   Although my friends in the banking industry broke things up in the end, how can I forget their help to 'me'. After all, all scams will eventually be stopped in the bank. Even Mattel suffered a big loss this time and came to Wenzhou to apply for a freeze. People from Wenzhou Bank said that the holiday break could not be processed.   Of course, at this point, 'I' knows that you all hate me so much, and I hope the police can quickly bring 'I' to justice. However, the current detection rate of China's telecom fraud is less than 10%, and the number and amount of crimes can increase exponentially every year. There is no way, 'I' spends most of the time committing crimes abroad, and China still lacks a fast and effective cooperation framework with overseas to deal with such cases. It is unrealistic for the Ministry of Public Security to take the lead in transnational investigations at every turn. Although the fraud from Barbie failed this time, the heart of 'I' has not collapsed. As long as the situation of 'my' teammates does not change, 'I' can continue to attack the next goal. As for you, it is still yourself. Be careful and ask for your blessings.
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