Say 'no' to the 'primary schooling' of kindergartens, Shenzhen Early Childhood Education Exhibition and Asian Principals Conference to interpret the trend of early childhood education

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

In recent years, with the persistence of development and quality coexisting in various places, the education level of kindergartens in our country has been continuously improved. However, some kindergartens have violated the original intention of kindergartens, disrupting the laws and cognitive characteristics of children’s physical and mental development, teaching elementary school curriculum content in advance, and strengthening and training their knowledge and skills. This move has made the current kindergartens 'primary school'. The tendency is serious. This not only deprives children of childhood happiness and innocence, but also indirectly obliterates children’s interest in learning, and affects the physical and mental development of children. Therefore, it is urgent to correct the 'primary school' education method in kindergartens. In this context, the 6th Shenzhen International Early Childhood Education Exhibition (CEE) will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from November 5th to 7th. As the weather vane of the South China Early Childhood Education Industry Exhibition, Shenzhen International Early Childhood Education Exhibition will unite the entire industry to create A healthy development of the preschool education industry atmosphere. This exhibition will have 600 exhibitors and 5,000 brand products on-site, and will invite about 30,000 professional visitors, 100,000 families, 15,000 garden principals, and 50 domestic preschool education industry associations to come to the scene. The scale is unprecedented, in the previous five sessions. At the preschool education exhibition, it has received unanimous praise in the industry, a good reputation and the full support of exhibitors and media friends. The 2018 Asian Principals Conference will be held at the same time at the exhibition site. The conference will take the 'three new' roads (new environment, new concept, and new journey) of preschool education as the theme of this year. Discuss the development of the preschool education industry. The conference site will invite well-known professors and education experts in the industry to gather together to interpret the future trends of the preschool education industry with 500 kindergarten principals, interpret the opportunities and directions of the preschool education industry, lead enterprises to explore development ideas and strategies, and seek greater There is room for development, and the conference will discuss the issue of 'primary schooling' in popular kindergartens nowadays, and analyze in depth how to avoid 'primary schooling' education and industry remedial measures. The Asian Principals Conference will last two days. While discussing topics, this conference will also help participants broaden the development channels of the preschool education industry, promote the development of the preschool education industry, and increase the influence of the domestic preschool education industry. The aim is to provide industry insiders with an in-depth interpretation of the trends and policies of the preschool education industry through this Asian Principals Conference, help the development of the preschool education industry, increase the communication viscosity between the preschool industry enterprises, kindergartens and educational institutions, and build the domestic preschool education industry A high-end platform for learning exchanges and cooperative development. [2018 CEE Asian Principals Conference] Spoilers u 'Kindergarten Blueprint Planning and Aspirations' u 'New Kindergarten Environmental Planning, Design and Implementation' u 'Brand Building and Marketing Ideas for Primary and Secondary Kindergartens' u 'Kindergarten Curriculum Management' u 'Six A Children Educational Principles' u 'Artificial Intelligence' era, the great innovation of English teaching-how to make English teaching intelligent in one step' u 'Post-90s teacher team management thinking and practice' u 2018 preschool education enterprise award ceremony u 'kindergarten environment creation' Contact information of the organizing committee: Wan Jun Tel: 021-54890536 Mobile/WeChat: 16621109192 E-mail: 3004340970@qq.com Website: www.ceeexpo.com Visit/Conference consultation: Shanghai Extension Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Contact: Zhang Likai ( Mr.) Mobile phone number: 18321025306 (same as WeChat) Tel: 021-54890578 QQ: 770988579 Email: likai.zhang@kuozhan.com.cn
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