Say goodbye to the 3D era of plastic toys: carbon fiber 3D printers

by:Ennas      2021-11-27

Although 3D printers have had more than ten years of technological development, everyone's impression of desktop products is still printing a toy, model, and things printed with PLA/ABS materials have a strong sense of plastic - in fact, these two materials It is a material similar to plastic. GregMark, who has years of experience in designing and processing racing components, led his team to develop a desktop 3D printer that uses carbon fiber as printing consumables, which is expected to allow desktop users to say goodbye to 'plastic toys' from now on. The 3D printing of PLA/ABS materials is more like a plastic toy. The 3D printer developed by GregMark's team is called MarkOne and uses carbon fiber as a consumable. No longer like the past desktop 3D printing GregMark team developed a 3D printer called MarkOne, using carbon fiber as a consumable. No longer like the desktop 3D printer printing models in the past, this model can directly print parts and tools. As we all know, carbon fiber polymer has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity, and light weight. GregMark's team used carbon fiber materials to design and fabricate the rear wing support structure for racing cars. Now, they combine carbon fiber materials with 3D printing, which may bring new opportunities for desktop 3D printing applications. The strength of carbon fiber far exceeds ABS and nylon and even exceeds aluminum alloy. According to the published data, the whole MarkOne 3D printer is still positioned as a desktop product, with a length, width and height of 575x322x360mm, and a molding size of 305x160x160mm. Its characteristics are that one is that carbon fiber can be used as a printing material, and the other is that it uses composite materials to directly make high-strength parts and tools. This model adopts dual extrusion heads and is compatible with carbon fiber, glass fiber, nylon and PLA consumables; suitable materials can be selected when making actual parts, taking into account strength and cost. The black part of the carbon fiber beam printed by MarkOne 3D printer MarkOne is carbon fiber, white is the nylon surface, and the cross section of the racing rear wing is expected to be printed directly by GregMark's 3D printer. MarkOne 3D printer has produced 7mmx3mmx100mm carbon fiber parts. In the future, GregMark and his team are expected to apply 3D technology directly to the production of racing parts, and the MarkOne 3D printer is their first attempt. The model is priced at US$4,999 and will be delivered to users in the second half of 2014.
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