Saudi Arabia hosts the first international animation exhibition

by:Ennas      2022-01-04
Our newspaper, Riyadh, reporter Song Boqi reported: The first Saudi International Comic and Animation Exhibition recently concluded in Jeddah, a western port city in Saudi Arabia. During the three-day event, more than 20,000 visitors came here, which greatly exceeded the organizer’s previous expectations.   It is reported that a total of 95 exhibitors and 60 independent artists participated in the exhibition. They not only displayed rich entertainment resources such as comics, movies and e-sports, but also brought successful experience in the animation field to Saudi entertainment institutions. As the leader of this animation and animation exhibition, Saudi Arabian General Administration of Entertainment CEO Maidani said: The enthusiastic participation of exhibitors and Saudi citizens made this exhibition a success, and it was they who showed the world the huge potential of the trendy cultural industry in Saudi Arabia. , I hope that more events of this kind will be held in the future and more people will participate.   Since 2017, the State Administration of Entertainment of Saudi Arabia has organized a series of cultural festivals, theater performances and concerts. As part of the 2030 Vision Economic Reform Plan, the State Administration of Entertainment of Saudi Arabia hopes to promote the industrialization of related fields by trying such trendy and open entertainment methods.
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