Sao Paulo, Brazil has ordered a ban on the sale and production of toy guns

by:Ennas      2021-11-26

According to the survey, in Brazil, 33% of the 2,383 guns seized from criminals in 2011 belonged to highly simulated toy guns. In 2012, this proportion rose to 41%. Experts say that the increase in the number of toy guns is due to the decreasing number of real guns in the illegal market. It is very difficult for criminals to buy real guns, so they have set their sights on toy guns that can be fake. Because of this, Sao Paulo, Brazil has ordered a ban on the sale and production of toy guns. Hugo.com learned from the report of 'Brazilian Chinese Network' on January 17 that according to a new bill passed by the Sao Paulo State Legislative Assembly, the production and sale of toy guns will be banned in the State of Sao Paulo. The new regulations were announced in the Government Daily on Tuesday, with a fine of 20,000 black and a 60-day adaptation period for manufacturers and sellers. The purpose of the new regulations is to prevent criminals from using toy guns to commit crimes. This bill was passed by the Sao Paulo State Legislative Assembly long ago, but was vetoed by Governor Okmine in December last year. At that time, the governor believed that such a ban was unconstitutional, and in the 2003 Federal Gun Prohibition Regulations, there were already provisions prohibiting the production and sale of toy guns. It was State Assemblyman Andre that proposed this bill. He said that the state government's regulations differ from those of the federal government in that they have established penalties. He stated that the proposal was based on an investigation conducted by the SOU DA PAZ Institute. The survey showed that in 2011, 33% of the guns seized for robbery were toy guns. In 2012, this proportion had risen to 41%. 'Just search on the Internet and you can find many websites that simulate toy guns, the styles are the same as real guns. This new law has a decisive effect on reducing the proportion of such violent crimes.' The member said. Sao Paulo state regulations stipulate that in addition to fines, companies that violate them will also be suspended for 30 days or even banned from doing business. According to the parliamentarian’s assistant, this regulation covers all toy guns, including colored toy guns that are very different from real guns. The assistant said that such restrictions were due to records showing that some criminals painted colored guns to pretend to be real guns. It is understood that Brazil has one of the highest gun death rates in the world. The Brazilian tradition of holding guns and the rising crime rate have made more and more Brazilians willing to arm themselves, and this trend has become a vicious circle. According to official Brazilian statistics, an average of one person is killed in a shooting every 12 minutes, and most of them occur in the two major cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Since May 2011, in order to curb violent crimes, the Brazilian government has launched a massive 'gun handing over' campaign across the country, paying for private guns and rewarding residents who voluntarily hand over them. Hugo.com learned that violent crimes are rampant in Brazil. The authorities hope to instill in children the concept of 'guns are not toys' from childhood to curb violent crimes, and will propose 'exchanges' to children and exchange their toys with books. gun. Therefore, the editor believes that whether it is a Chinese shop selling toys in Brazil, or a domestic supplier that has long-term toy trade with Brazil, it should be clear that now the wind is tight.
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