Sand sculpture art _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-07
Core tip: international sand sculpture art appreciate 1, title: Benjamin multivariate Mexican culture introduction: located in central Mexico has a long history and culture, from the ancient Maya international sand sculpture art high-quality goods enjoy 1, title: Benjamin multivariate Mexican culture introduction: located in central Mexico has a long history and culture, from the ancient Maya civilization to a cozy multi-ethnic culture today, is full of legendary. Work through to the Spanish culture, architecture and ethnic customs, to represent the cultural characteristics of Mexico. 2, the runner-up: leonardo 'the eye of the Sudan' the eye of the Sudan works include brunei buildings, the Koran. Eyes on behalf of human creation and development of the ability and wisdom, in the eye reflects the brunei's banner. Eastern ship on behalf of the monarchy and relations with other countries on behalf of ocean life, there are trees, gasoline, natural gas, western-style ship on behalf of the colonial period of the cultural and economic exchanges. Last year's APEC meeting venue, brunei is a monarchy small country in southeast Asia, with the European, magic - it's full of fantasy - - - - - - The ocean like life, full of wind sailing, the maps of the castle, as a history of the east, show a human creation and development of the ability and wisdom. 3, third place: to DE villefort 'resonance' introduction: the original period, a piece of chaos in the world. In Australia people's memory, this period is called the 'dream', until the elf, namely the emergence of the rainbow python didgeridoo ruled the world. Didgeridoo swallowed all living beings, and finally a more huge elves chopped it two, release of all the creatures and reproduce the Australian aboriginal, they believe that only with natural harmonious resonance, to survive. 4 use: Dan 'American dream' introduction: the United States is an immigrant country, the eagle is the symbol of the United States, the upper stands in the earth, and on behalf of fly to the future. We all live in the shadow of our predecessors, today's people and the future generation is a long way to go, we gather together for the common goal and direction, constantly moving forward. Work is at the bottom of the people promotes the common progress of the earth, a symbol of unity and common prosperity, rich and powerful people all over the world. 5, international sand sculpture competition fine collection of Egyptian goddess of wisdom, the hanging gardens of Babylon Venice sluices sweat BMW Venice boatman international sand sculpture competition introduction: the field is located in the ningxia ecological tourist area - - - - - - - Sand lakes, sand lakes located in the ningxia pingluo county territory, 56 km away from yinchuan, sand lakes with jiangnan xiuse with desert bold landscape wonderful intertwined. 30000 mu of soft sand, such as silk sister seems to be a match made in heaven, each has his strong point, set each other off becomes an interest. This lake sand color, cool breeze stroke, sparkling. Patches of reed, various, strewn at random have send, photo, swaying waterfowl leisurely. Development and construction since 1990, attracts visitors from home and abroad. Both sped yacht in YiBiWanQing lake, and on the shore slippery sand dunes, or ride a camel, or ornamental bird, or take the cable car, browse the sand lakes, can enjoy the wonderful nature scenery in the west of the country. The subject reflects the competition theme: silk road wonders in China's wto accession and ningxia culture under the background of the desert, through a different perspective of Chinese and foreign sand sculptors and special technique of expression of the sand sculpture, recreate the silk road that one of western culture, the history of economic exchanges scenario ( Will take the famous silk road and the radiation to the area culture, architecture, people, events as the main line) 。
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