Sales of imported toys are rising, smart toys are favored

by:Ennas      2021-12-28
Core reminder: Good sales of imported toys are mainly because consumers value their quality.   Since the beginning of this year, the number of imported toys in my country has increased. The reporter learned through visits to the market that imported toys have won consumers' favor with their brands and quality and safety. Industry insiders said that at present, smart toys have become the best-selling products among imported toys. With the growth of market demand, the number of imported smart toys will further increase in the future.    Import tax reduction has an advantage in price   Recently, reporters visited many large shopping malls and children's products stores in Beijing and found that imported children's toys were very popular. My family specializes in selling imported toys, and our products come from the United States, Britain, France and other countries. Since the beginning of this year, all kinds of imported toys in our family have been selling well. Barbie dolls and building blocks are all toys that children like. The sales volume in the first half of this year is relatively satisfactory. Said a salesperson at a children's toy store in Chaoyang District, Beijing. Recently, due to the country's implementation of a series of import expansion policies, our toy importers have also enjoyed benefits, mainly because the import prices of toy goods have fallen, the import costs of enterprises have decreased, and the profit margin has increased. Mr. Wu, a toy importer, said.   The reporter learned that the good sales of imported toys are mainly because consumers value their quality. In recent months, various local industrial and commercial departments have notified unqualified domestic toy products, which has made consumers lose confidence in the quality and safety of domestic toys. For a time, imported toys with high brand reputation and good quality have become consumers' favorites. The quality of imported toys is trustworthy. Many domestic toys are not up to standard in the use of materials, and there are hidden safety hazards in the installation of small parts, which will threaten the health of children. Imported toy brand merchants will strictly follow international standards when choosing production materials, and the structural design of toys also meets safety standards. Therefore, I prefer to buy imported toys. Consumer Ms. Xu said. If you choose imported toys, you still have to buy a brand with a high degree of popularity. I usually choose Disney dolls and Lego blocks for my daughter. Although these brand toys are more expensive, the quality and safety are guaranteed. The health of the child is more important than anything else. Ms. Li, a consumer who often buys imported toys, said.  Smart toys are favored  The reporter visited the market and found that the smart toy market purchases more among imported toys. Two months ago, I bought a toy dog u200bu200bmade in Japan for my child. This is a social robot pet dog that can convey emotions through color and movement. It can have simple conversations with people and exercise children. Communication and expression skills. Consumer Ms. Hu said. Compared to traditional toys, I prefer to buy smart toys for my children. A week ago, I bought a dynamic model toy with strong technology for my child. Not only can it satisfy the child’s interest, but the child can also learn a lot of movement principles while playing. Such a toy is more meaningful to the child. . Consumer Mr. Yu said.  Industry insiders said that at present, there are very few types of domestic smart toys, mostly simple early education machines, while imported brands of smart toys are diverse, and their creative design and production technology are relatively mature. These toys can not only develop children's intelligence, but also improve children's communication skills. Due to the growing demand in the smart toy market, the number of imports will further increase in the future.
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