Sales of 'horse body' toys in the Year of the Horse have not yet heated up

by:Ennas      2021-11-24

The Year of the Horse in the lunar calendar is approaching, 'Horse' has money, 'Horse' is blessed and other 'horse body' blessings become popular on the Internet. Yesterday, the author learned from the Weihai Small Commodity Wholesale Market in Shandong and major supermarkets in the urban area that this year's 'immediately' blessing toys were also on the market, but the market response was flat.  In traditional Chinese customs, horses are given various auspicious meanings. As the Year of the Horse approaches, all kinds of pictures related to horses have also been uploaded to the Internet by netizens. For a while, there are houses on the 'horsesThere are objects on the Internet, such as 'immediate body' blessing to become popular on the Internet. Internet speculation is hot, how is the market sales? Yesterday morning, the author found at the Weihai Small Commodity Wholesale Market that businesses have placed all kinds of cute-looking Horse Year toys in the most conspicuous position: some horses have money bags tied to their backs, implying that “the horses” have money; some horses The word 'Fu' is pasted on the back, which means that there is blessing on the 'horse'. The price of these toys ranges from a few yuan to more than 50 yuan. But judging from the response of the shopkeeper, sales have not yet heated up. Mr. Lu, the owner of a toy store, said: “In December of the previous year, the store sold three or four thousand zodiac toys, but this year only sold more than 1,000.” Another toy store owner, Ms. Huang, said that many units used to celebrate the New Year. She buys 20 or 30 Chinese zodiac toys at a time. I rarely buy them this year. Coupled with the impact of online stores, she estimates that this year's sales will be cut by more than half compared with last year.   The reporter visited several businesses in the urban area and found that there were also horse toys on the shelves, and the sales were also not optimistic. A salesperson in a supermarket near Shichang Avenue in the urban area said that this year’s pony toys will arrive in mid-December and have been in the most conspicuous position since Christmas, but they have not sold very well, except for three or four on Christmas Day. Except for ten, more than a dozen can be sold in the rest of the day.   In the interview, many dealers of toys for the Year of the Horse said that there is still more than a month before the New Year, and the sales of toys for the Year of the Horse are still unclear.
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