Sales of foreign toy brands accounted for 70% of total sales in 2013

by:Ennas      2021-12-05

The Children's Day of 'Six Day' is approaching, and Amazon China yesterday released its 2013 toy sales rankings. Amazon data shows that the sales of foreign brands accounted for 70% of the total sales in 2013. In terms of types, infant and young toys and building block toys are more popular, each accounting for 25% of their sales. Educational educational toys and remote control electric toys follow closely, and building block toys and educational educational toys are combined. Up to 40%, 'This fully reflects the importance of parents on children's hands-on ability and intellectual development.' From the perspective of brands, products of Lego, Fisher, Aubay and other brands are popular with children of almost all ages. , Lego became the best-selling toy brand in 2013. In addition, well-known foreign brands such as Hasbro, Little Tektronix, Disney and Barbie are also on the list. It is understood that from now until June 1st, Amazon also launched a full-line promotion of toys and maternal and child products.
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