Sales increased by 45.4% in May. Children's puzzle board games may become popular this year, and hot new products are the first to see!

by:Ennas      2022-02-04
As a good helper for parent-child interaction and play, children's puzzle board games have always been favored by young parents. Tmall platform data shows that sales of children's tabletop games in May increased 45.4% year-on-year. With the advent of the summer vacation, the time for parent-child interaction has increased. Toy manufacturers will launch a batch of new children's educational board games in due course to provide more fun to children's home life, which is expected to become a hot topic this summer. 01 Focus on the ability to gain exercise while playing and improve the toy manufacturers in the development of children’s educational board game products, mainly focusing on the improvement of children’s certain abilities, such as observation, logical thinking, reasoning, language expression, etc., and conduct game themes and The design of the gameplay allows children to exercise and improve their abilities while having fun. 01 Improve cognitive observation ability▋ Djeco Kotakote geometric puzzle: figure restoration, test observation ability, reaction ability and figure matching ability. In this game, each player will get a set of Kotakote cards—they are four Double-sided cards, on one side are triangles, semicircles, rectangles, and trapezoids of different colors, and on the other side are several incomplete patterns. Players need to successfully restore the pattern on the challenge card. In order to complete the task, they must quickly find two Kodakote cards that can restore the pattern shown on the challenge card, and combine the correct patterns to restore the complete pattern. First win 5 The player who challenges the card wins. Suitable age: 6 years old and above Number of games: 2-6 people▋ TOI to find a flashlight: pattern search, game, and cognition. This game has two modes, night and day, including 180 patterns and four major Animal scenes: ocean, birds, land, jungle, toys place the small flashlight in the middle of the game card board of the corresponding color, all players open one of their clue cards at the same time, and quickly use the small flashlight to find the pattern on the clue card. And use the suction cup to mark. First, mark the pattern on the clue card and the correct player will get a medal. After a round of the game, the player with the most medals wins. During the game, you can also recognize various animals. Suitable age: 3 years old and above Number of games: 2-4 people 02 Improve logical thinking ability and reasoning ability ▋ Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game: Taking food as the theme, through planning and reasoning to carry out the game Rui Si company and American fast food restaurant Taco In this card game developed by Bell, players need to collect various Taco Bell menu items to provide food for their team. Each member of the player team has a specific desire to be satisfied, and the player who gets the most eager chips will win the game. Suitable age: 8 years old and above Number of games: 2-6 people▋ Smart Games caterpillar eat apple: advanced mode through the level, solve the problem through logical reasoning to help the caterpillar eat the apple, there are 60 levels, divided into four different challenges Difficulty, rich patterns, progressive difficulty, easy to get started, using a 360° rotatable Apple chassis, double-sided rotation of numbers/letters, freely combining different levels, training spatial imagination, logical reasoning ability, and problem-solving ability. Suitable age: 5 years old and above Number of games: 1 person 03 Focus on training expression ability ▋ FUNKO GAMES Disney Pixar Toy Story Talent Show Game: Show talent with body movements and language. This board game uses graphic cards and props inspired by movie characters , Allowing players to immerse themselves in the film atmosphere of 'Toy StoryThe player with the most wins. Improve body and language expression skills in the game. Suitable age: 6 years old and above Number of players: 2-6 people ▋ TOMY Articulate: describe words, express and improve language skills. This is a fun guessing board game. Players need to describe the words on the card and let their teammates guess , No rhyming words can be used in the description, and the team with the most guessed words within 30 seconds wins. In the course of the game, exercise the player's language expression ability and reaction ability. Suitable age: 12 years old and above Number of games: 4-20 people 02 Learning and playing subject knowledge is integrated into game design Toy manufacturers focus on the purpose of cognitive enlightenment for children, and integrate basic knowledge of related subjects into game theme design and gameplay, so that children can Gain knowledge and acquire knowledge elements in the play. ▋ yokakids little dinosaurs learn colors: learn and recognize all kinds of colors and color superposition knowledge. Little dinosaurs learn colors. The child chooses a dinosaur card and tells the color on the card. If it is correct, a fruit mark will be given as a reward, and the parents will be random Put two dinosaur cards together, and the kids guess what color the two cards will turn into together, and get a reward if they are correct. In addition, there are many ways to play such as planting an orchard and collecting fruits, allowing children to recognize various colors and exercise their logical thinking. Suitable age: 3 years old and above Number of games: 2-4 people▋ Milu basic calculation board game: advanced learning mathematical algorithm Milu basic calculation board game, including climbing adventure, forest battle, and global adventure. From easy to difficult, learn addition and subtraction within 6, addition and subtraction within 10, and multiplication within 25 through different topics. Play the game to understand the operation rules of addition, subtraction and multiplication, and intuitively understand and understand the operation principle. Suitable age: 4 years old and above Number of games: 2-4 people As the younger generation of parents pay more attention to family education, parent-child companionship and interaction are becoming more and more important. The children's educational board game can allow parents and children to play together, and at the same time help children improve various abilities or increase cognition, so children's educational board game products will still have a great development prospect. What do you think of these new puzzle board games, which ones have more explosive potential?
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