Sales in the toy market are booming, CTE China Toy Fair helps companies seize new business opportunities

by:Ennas      2022-01-14
During the epidemic, online toy sales in my country were still hot, and sales of educational toys soared. According to ECdataway's online data for the first quarter of 2020, from the perspective of growth rate, beads, puzzles, chess, and building block toys are more popular. In addition, a variety of toys such as children's robots, comfort toys, and playhouses have also seen considerable growth. The CTE China Toy Fair is the largest in Asia, providing various toy companies with rich display opportunities. Currently, the market's consumer demand for toys is becoming more and more diversified. Each year, toy companies launch a wide range of new toy products. The sales of toy manufacturers are mostly based on wholesale. Therefore, new products launched by toy companies should be recognized by distributors, wholesalers, agents and retail purchases in the same industry before they are promoted to the terminal market. The 19th CTE China Toy Fair held in Shanghai New International Expo Center is a very suitable platform for toy companies to display diverse products. As Asia's largest toy business matchmaking event, CTE China Toy Fair brings together international brands from more than 30 countries and regions every year, focusing on the 20 major domestic toy production areas to display, covering all toy categories. It is reported that the scale of this year's CTE China Toy Fair is expected to reach 230,000 square meters, which will bring together more than 2,700 high-quality toy companies at home and abroad, and more than 5,000 toy brands, attracting more than 100,000 buyers to visit and purchase. CTE China Toys Fair covers all types of toys, helping companies to accurately connect with buyers There are many exhibition areas such as special area and board games, and each exhibition area will have well-known brands with new products. For example, in the educational toys and games exhibition area, the Milu brand will launch advanced educational puzzles, following the principle of step-by-step from simple to complex, conforming to the laws of children's intellectual development, and helping children to improve their thinking logic. Melody’s childhood reading ladder educational puzzles are subdivided by age to cultivate children's abilities in a targeted manner; the National Geographic series of LeCube 3D puzzles, Beijing Temple of Heaven, allows children to understand the ancient architecture and rich history and culture through assembly. CTE China Toy Fair can provide suitable display opportunities for various types of toy companies, conduct precise docking with professional buyers, and get in touch with interested customers the first time. CTE China Toy Fair brings together well-known brands at home and abroad, attracting many professional buyers to the scene. With the increasing influence, CTE China Toy Fair has become an important choice for more and more overseas brands to enter the Chinese market. For example, the 2019 CTE China Toy Fair attracted international exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, including LEGO, MGA, Spin Master, JAKKS, Ty, Crayola, HEXBUG, GUND, Playmobil, Simba, Alex, SIKU, Hape, Asmodee, Djeco, Smart Games, CMC, Bandai, TOMY, MellChan, Nano block, ZURU, VTECH, SILVERLIT, Maisto, WowWee, Plan toys, etc. In China, there are more than 20 toy production areas organized to participate in the exhibition, Guangdong Chenghai Plastic, Dongguan, Shenzhen Electronics, Fujian Jinjiang Plastic Electronics, Zhejiang Yunhe Wood, Shandong Plush, Linyi Kindergarten Supplies, Zhejiang Yongjia, Jiangsu Baoying Amusement Equipment, Exhibition groups such as Ningbo stroller, car seat, Pinghu electric bicycle, Hebei Pingxiang, Guangzong stroller, Hubei Hanchuan stroller, Shandong Tengzhou stroller and other pavilions compete on the same stage, and the product styles are dazzling. With the help of the exhibition's extensive influence and strong brand clustering effect, CTE China Toy Fair has integrated multi-faceted high-quality cooperation resources for exhibitors. Every year the exhibition will attract a large number of national, provincial and municipal-level agents, wholesalers, department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, toy monopoly, mother and baby chains, purchasing offices, network channels, educational institutions, etc., as well as international toy supermarkets. , Large chains, e-commerce and other procurement giants, etc., so that exhibitors have multi-channel cooperation and negotiation opportunities. At present, the CTE China Toy Fair participation application system is fully open. Baidu search CTE China Toy Fair, log in to the official website, click on the company to grab a booth, just fill in the application form to complete the application and registration, sign up immediately to enjoy a substantial discount! In addition, CTE China The pre-registration system for buyers of the Toy Fair is also open. Toy merchants who are interested in expanding new products and looking for new cooperative suppliers can click on the official website to register for purchases, and grasp the information of exhibitors’ new products and investment needs for the first time, and enjoy the hot toys in 2020 Business.
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