Safety seat creative design competition counseling meeting was successfully held in Zhenjiang

by:Ennas      2021-12-03

On April 18, 2014, sponsored by China Toys and Baby Products Association and co-organized by Jiangsu Baijiasite Automobile Products Co., Ltd. The “Cup” training session for the creative design competition of car child safety seats was held in Zhaohe Crowne Plaza Hotel, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu. This grand event attracted more than 120 teachers, students and designers from 30 key industrial design colleges and universities across the country. The theme of the competition is 'safe and comfortable, fashionable lifeMs. Liang Mei, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Toys and Baby Products Association, Mr. Cao Guangming, Vice President of China Toys and Baby Products Association, Chairman of Jiangsu Best Auto Products Co., Ltd., and leaders of Zhenjiang City Government attended . In addition, the organizer also invited Professor Zhang Jinhuan from Tsinghua University's Car Seat Crash Laboratory, Mr. DerrickJohn Martin Barker, President of JMDA Design Company in the UK, and Feng Diandong, Manager of the Ru0026D Department of PARKnSHOP, to give keynote speeches and special lectures, respectively from the use of car child seats. Present situation and development, contemporary European design style, basic structure of car child safety seat, material selection and technological process three aspects to explain relevant knowledge in an all-round way, enrich the relevant knowledge of contestants. In the afternoon activity, the organizer arranged for key industrial design colleges and universities to exchange experiences and seminars on teaching modes and teaching methods. At the end of the event, all participants took the bus to the PARKnSHOP Simulated Crash Laboratory for on-site observation, and felt the collision test and related safety test requirements of the car child safety seat on the spot. As the most authoritative and fair design event in China’s toy and baby products industry, this competition is rich in rewards for contestants. In addition to a bonus of up to 30,000 yuan, the winner will also have the opportunity to be invited for free throughout the event. Visit international events held in Cologne, Germany, Hong Kong, China and other places, and communicate with international safety seat brand companies. In addition, the winners of this competition will also have the opportunity to join Jiangsu Best Auto Products Co., Ltd., and the Zhenjiang Municipal Government of Jiangsu Province will refer to the 'High-tech Talents Introduction Policy' to provide housing, spouse employment, and children to the winners. Special subsidies such as school attendance. At the same time, Jiangsu Best Auto Products Co., Ltd. will also provide supporting subsidies.
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