Safe travel awareness heats up the market for child safety seats for automobiles

by:Ennas      2021-11-21

Statistics from the Transportation Administration of the Ministry of Public Security of China show that as of November 2011, the number of motor vehicles in the country has reached 223 million. As my country enters the'auto era' with great strides, it is extremely convenient for residents to travel. At the same time, Children's car safety accidents are also endless. The Infiniti car accident on Chang'an Street in Beijing and the frequent school bus incidents all over the country are shocking and affect the nerves of the whole society. Consumers’ awareness of taking their babies safely in the car is rapidly emerging. The view that “the correct use of car child safety seats can reduce the fatal injury rate of infants” is gradually accepted by the society. The car child safety seats market is surging. Therefore, choosing a reliable brand of car child safety seat for agency cooperation and sharing the cake of China's huge baby products market will be the ideal choice for starting a business now. The growth of car ownership and the increase in safety awareness have matured the child safety seat market. Recently, Wang Qing, director of the Market Circulation Research Office of the Development Research Center of the State Council, predicted at the six-month situation analysis meeting of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, 'By 2015 and 2022, new cars The scale of production and sales is about 26 million and 39 million.” The rocket-like growth of car ownership has laid a huge user base for the consumer market of child safety seats for automobiles in China. In recent years, consumers’ awareness of safe travel has increased rapidly. It adds a strong booster to the maturity of the market. At the end of July, Prince William of the United Kingdom used a car child safety seat to safely escort the little prince to his home. In terms of children's travel by car, the British royal family played a good role model, and all walks of life followed suit. At the same time, the Beijing Game Expo is also in full swing to carry out safe travel experience activities. On-site consumers have taken 'simulated car bays' and 'simulated collision experience trolleys' and other crash test equipment to personally experience the speed of 12 km/h. The thrill of a 'crashIn addition, mainstream media such as CCTV 1, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, Beijing Evening News and other mainstream media also gathered reports to promote a significant increase in children's awareness of safe travel in the whole society. It is foreseeable that the upsurge in the consumption of car child safety seats is coming. It is difficult to choose cooperation among many brands of child safety seats in recent years, especially after the implementation of my country’s first mandatory national standard for child and vehicle safety-'Restriction System for Child Occupants of Motor Vehicles' (GB27887-2011). Shanghai car child safety seat manufacturers and brands have sprung up. Now, whether it is through search engines such as Baidu, or searching for the keyword 'child safety seat' on shopping sites such as Taobao, there are so many brands and products displayed that it is dazzling. In an interview with Baodisi Baby Products Co., Ltd. Asia Pacific Business Director Qiu Yue said that the price of child safety seats for cars currently on the market is huge, ranging from more than 40 yuan online to physical stores. The level of quality varies from ten thousand yuan. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer with guaranteed product quality, great brand influence, perfect after-sales service, and a price that meets the needs of the local market for cooperation has become one of the current collective problems faced by child safety seat agents and distributors. 'Safety Commitment Brands' appeared together to easily share market business opportunities. In March of this year, under the guidance of relevant state ministries and commissions, the China Toys and Baby Products Association launched the 'Brand Self-discipline China Tour' activity nationwide. Goodbaby, Kangbei, Chigo , Britax, Cybex, Baby First, Kiddy, Maxi-cosi, Wheelton, Bebekaxi and other first batch of car child safety seats 'safety commitment brands' solemnly promise that not producing or selling does not comply with the country For products required by relevant laws, regulations and technical standards, prevent products that do not meet national standards from entering the market from this enterprise, and set up supervision telephones to consciously accept industry and social supervision. As an active exploration of the association serving the government and enterprises, and comprehensively improving the product quality level of the industry, the 'Brand Self-discipline in China' charity activity undoubtedly builds a seamless bridge for brand owners, distributors and consumers. It is reported that the first batch of 'Safety Commitment Brands' will be collectively exhibited at the China Baby u0026 Children Exhibition, which will be held on October 15-17 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, and will be posted prominently on site to guide buyers to easily find partners. In addition to child safety seats for cars, the exhibition also gathered thousands of companies and brands such as toys, strollers, cribs, baby clothes, baby products, etc. The most complete product categories are bound to meet a variety of purchasing needs. ☆ To learn more about exhibiting brands and new products, please click on the official website of China Baby u0026 Children Fair. ☆ Immediately complete the pre-registration for visiting the China Baby u0026 Children Fair online to grasp market opportunities in time.
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