S weng tripod for 'resurrection' historical figures

by:Ennas      2021-09-23
The old man's eight people community they have. Success 'resurrection' 12 'yingjie house' of the historical hero Shi Kefa memorial display of qu yuan, Lin xiangru's, prince zhongwu of fenyang, Su Wu, yue fei, wen tianxiang, zheng chenggong, qi jiguang, Lin zexu, zheng and Shi Kefa and 12 historical figures such as the story of qin lianyu figurines, these small it is from the hand of a new statue. In order to shape the 12 historical figures, he refer to a large number of data, to the on-site visit. Draw the drawings, he on the basis of respect history, according to certain proportion design the characters and scenes. After three and a half years of hard efforts, in 2010, each historical figure live-action statuettes show vividly in front of people. Half half works using the copper sculpture, use purple sand sculptures. Copper scrap carved 'four dish one soup' proponents clean sculpture not only historical figures, that they also use copper scrap, forged a profound 'four dish one soup'. This piece, according to zhu yuanzhang 'the emperor's treat four dish one soup: radish leeks, truly sweet smell; Spring Onions tofu, meaningful, a clear, corrupt officials palpitate 'ballad, advocate clean wind. They told reporters, before carving vegetables, to draw good drawing first, choose good copper materials, copper material annealing, grinding and polishing, pressure to cut into the copper material leaves shape, with a blunt tool grinding pressure out of the stem, leaf, the last color assembly molding, 'do a six or seven leaf 'vegetables' time is about one week. 'They said, he made tripod for' four dish one soup 'is more than two months, the current group figurines were placed in yangzhou double hall exhibition. Octogenarian has patriotism in an interview with the reporter understands, they have is a retired worker in power system, have a passion for bronze sculptures and paintings art since childhood. Life for a long time in yangzhou, the historical culture edify, some copper sheet in the home, he tried to do works of art. Now they still keep a good state of mind, every day get up at 5:30 in the morning, running two hours, 10 km ride back and forth, plate hale, eyes, ears are not deaf, talk to gas. They said, although his wife and children always oppose he continued to write, but the enthusiastic he still insist on, he hope that through their own efforts, to create more fine arts, let teenagers love the motherland, remember the history.
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