Root carving of basic knowledge of root carving material _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-25
Core tip: has the inseparable relation between root carving and sculpture, but carving technology will directly affect the value of root carving, so the value of the total orientation is that it itself, such as material, the shape of the natural has the inseparable relation between root carving and sculpture, but carving technology will directly affect the value of root carving, so the value of the total orientation is that it itself, such as the shape of the material, natural, etc. The natural shape has a great influence in the root carving, or entanglements and sculpture. Should pay attention to the natural form. Litchi wood lychee wood, evergreen trees, belong to no child family. Is a kind of hardwood, is good wood, its resistance to acid is very strong. Material is qualitative hard and heavy, strong and durable, is not afraid of the water soak, zhou is wood carving, furniture. Every one hundred years old litchi wood, its roots travelling expenses tree that produces good modelling, more ornamental value than a general annatto. Wenge '㶉 ð « › ¶ wood', 'qi catalpa wood' and writing, is wood on the tangential section of heartwood 'V' glyph) The category of annatto decorative pattern. Chicken wings wood is famous for its significant, unique texture, has always been loved by scholars and the vast number of consumers. Ferro source of chicken wings wood works focus on present wings and natural color, texture is rare and sincerity, can yet be regarded as a gift, the collection of the market. Camphorwood alias camphor wood, all the plants with aroma. From China south of the Yangtze river basin and the areas, of the valley is everywhere. Bark yellow-brown slightly dark grey, heartwood reddish-brown. Qualitative heavy, hard, wooden head count, texture fine and complex. Cut surface smooth jersey, after paint colour and lustre is beautiful, after drying is not easy to deformation, durability is strong, is easy to be carved. Ferro source camphor wood, selects the more than one hundred blocks zhou, without any stitching, clean and beautiful, generous and moving, lifelike. And sends out a light smell of camphor, insect repellent sterilization, the effect of purify air, is household decoration, good choice of gift relatives and friends. Boxwood one thousand difficult long boxwood, boxwood, slow growth in general to 40 to 50 years to grow up to 3 - 5 high, diameter less than 10 mile expected, because its hard to wait long solid aniseed, so only suitable for small carved figures. But its tough texture, delicate texture, moderate hardness, color is gorgeous, some assumes the egg yellow, after fine carved fine grinding with ivory. As long time, its color 1, of primitive simplicity and beautiful. In Chinese folk boxwood has long been regarded as the poison not invade, town evil to ward off bad luck, good luck. Fish wood is also called the torreya grandis wood, is the famous trees of one thousand timber, beans sancho. Made in Japan and South Korea and China's yunnan province sichuan hengduan mountains at an altitude of 3000 meters to 4000 meters mountain high, material strong enough, fine-grained straight, beautiful golden in color, smell fragrance, is a rare zhou root carving handicraft. If the hua limu its wood has tiger tattoos, also class raccoon dog spot, also known as 'flower raccoon dog', militantly proclaim. Old lines curly8, tender straight lines. Round halo wood knot decorative pattern such as money, bright colors, texture clear and beautiful, can make furniture and four ZhuQi. Myanmar gold camphor the three treasures: zhang, jade, gold teak. Burma's gold camphor from growth to become useful by at least 50 years, slow growth, high hardness, not easy to wear and tear. At the same time, it also contains a heavy oil and iron, oil and iron to keep this variant, acid and alkali, moisture corrosion, more amazing is the color of it after buffing through photosynthesis and oxidized into golden, and color along with the time to do so and more noble, carved material is the best. And with such good qualities gold camphor in Burma, and become first choice of high-grade timber acura. Taxus chinensis is also called the yew, red building, is the ancient trees quaternary ice age survial. Yew contain taxol, has a unique anti-cancer mechanism and high anticancer activity, can prevent cancer cell reproduction and inhibiting tumor cell migration, is recognized in the world of natural medicine is the most important anticancer active substances. Taxus chinensis generally spanning tree to grow from 100 to 250, is a kind of precious endangered plants, our country has put it as a level of rare and endangered plants.
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