RON mueck figurine works

by:Ennas      2020-06-13
Core tip: 593) 这一点。 宽度= 593” alt = ' ” src=' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/201910/19/143951901。 jpg” / > RON & # 183; He is Australia 593) 这一点。 宽度= 593 ' alt = ' src = ' http://www。 cn - diaosu。 com/file/upload/201910/19/143951901。 JPG '/ > RON & # 183; He is Australia's surreal figurines, 1958 was born in Melbourne, Australia, a former model making expert, who now lives in Britain. He works behind the scenes for the U. S. television nearly 15 years later, Hollywood movie special effects industry, after the development in the UK. Mueck figurine works for amazing realism, his works to life-size scale, with the glass fiber resin materials, all lies, skin, hair, wrinkles, scar, acne, subcutaneous veins stood out like concealed, lifelike, is almost hear the breath. But at the same time, they distort the shape of the fascinating feel depressed suffocation, has a psychological shock. Above, for he is small sculpture 'mask 2', in Mexico City SAN il delfin suo museum.
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