Robot Alpha appeared at this year's Shanghai Toy Fair

by:Ennas      2021-12-14

On October 16, this year's China International Toys and Educational Equipment Exhibition opened in Shanghai. In addition to ordinary toys, we also saw high-tech products such as the intelligent robot Alpha, which has attracted a lot of attention from the media and netizens recently. It is reported that the robot Alpha is a human-like skeletal intelligent robot developed by Shenzhen Youbixuan Technology Co., Ltd. It is a human model, can walk upright, can fight, can be controlled by keyboard and handle, and can imitate human body movements through the camera. . Alpha has a total of 16 joint degrees of freedom, including 5 degrees of freedom for the left and right legs, and 3 degrees of freedom for the left and right hands, which can complete a variety of complex actions; the sensor has a 3-axis gyroscope and an infrared sensor, which can automatically sense the balance of the body; It contains a wireless communication module, which can be controlled by the iPad/iPhone remote control; the programming adopts a graphical programming interface, which is very convenient to operate. The robot can also be equipped with a variety of armors to play various robot game roles. People can attach different styles of shells to the skeleton according to their needs.  At this Shanghai Toy Fair, what impressed us most about Alpha was its free joint activity and rich dance moves. This robot Alpha has been listed on the Tmall Mall, priced at 5497 yuan.
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