Reuse of waste products from the elderly in Zhangjiakou, hand-made strollers for granddaughters

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

Zhangjiakou Old Man Reuse Waste Products to Build Baby Carriage Manually for Granddaughter The road attracted a lot of attention and won the praise of many passers-by.   In the afternoon, Wanliu Park is sunny, with a breeze blowing, and a green and pleasant scene. An old man pulls a uniquely shaped 'baby stroller' forward slowly, and a child sits in the car looking around, as if enjoying the beautiful scenery. Pedestrians passing by cast their curious eyes and looked at this strange 'baby carriage'. From time to time, someone sent out 'It's environmentally friendly!The reason why this 'baby carriage' is said to be strange is that it can be seen at a glance that the car is hand-made with some yogurt bottles and other waste. The overall shape of this 'baby carriage' is similar to that of a ship. The main body is divided into two parts: a base and a ceiling. Colored flags are hung around the 'baby carriage'. The 'baby carriage' is decorated with camouflage armored toy cars, small animal figurines, Barbie dolls, airplanes, etc All kinds of interesting children's toys, the configuration can be described as quite complete.  The old man pulling the cart is named Ma Changsheng, 55 years old this year, and sitting on the 'baby cart' is his granddaughter under two years old. The old man Ma Changsheng mentioned that the roof and the bottom of the 'baby carriage' are made of discarded foam, surrounded by plastic yogurt bottles. These bottles are all accumulated by the granddaughter after drinking the yogurt. More than 60 bottles are used on the roof. The chassis of the car is larger than the roof, and more than 80 bottles are used. A pole is supported between the ceiling and the bottom of the car. This pole is connected with the long water gun that the granddaughter used to play with by the discarded mop. The wheels on the bottom of the car were replaced by the granddaughter when the baby walker was abandoned when she was a child. The 'baby carriage' can also be equipped with a motor, a propeller can be installed at the back, and the decorative lights can also be lit.   was not originally a small car, but just the roof of the small car, modeled on a small boat, for children to play with. Later, when there were too many waste materials, I was thinking about making a small car for my granddaughter. From this idea to the completion of this unique 'baby carriageI usually take care of my granddaughter. When the granddaughter is asleep, I use the time between the granddaughter's sleep to make the design little by little, slowly glue it, wrap it with tape one by one, and add toys that the child likes to decorate. When it was first made, the little granddaughter was extremely excited. Now, two small cars, one large and one small, have been built. Citizen Mr. Wang saw this special 'baby carriage' and heard the story of the old man making the 'baby carriage' bit by bit. He was indifferent, 'Not to mention that this is a very environmentally friendly idea. The feelings are already very moving. Now everyone’s living conditions are generally better. Most people buy ready-made toys for their children, and they rarely make toys. The 'baby carriages' made by the elderly may not be purchased. It’s exquisite, but bit by bit, every detail is full of the old man’s deep love for his granddaughter.'
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