Resin toy manufacturers custom custom cartoon dolls

by:Ennas      2021-08-20
1. Emotional connection easier to consumers, resin toy lovely modelling, let a person very easy to produce close move, listen to their deficiencies of outside humanitarian mind, emotional ups and downs of vent, etc. , all with close to the heart of the time is spent together with it, it's easier to walk into the consumer heart, produce the emotional connection. 2. Stereo image presents the production cost is moderate, in favor of the derivative of the IP promotion mascot types is various, resin toy is compared with other graphic design products more solid form, is also compared with glass fiber reinforced plastic, polymer clay, such as PVC material selection with more moderate prices. Based on the early brand promotion, from a cost point of view, resin toy is a good medium. 3. Interactive forms, application and different scenarios, which cartoon figures interactive effect is good, the reality can transfer brand to interpretation of the concept and culture in the form of movement transmission, can also interact with the consumers have deep, build the atmosphere of joy for the event, enhance brand image. Doll and household items, set can be used to give back to the old customer, give, theme activities arrangement, independent sales, etc. , make it into the consumer life, elongate the cycle user perception of the brand, enhance the user's brand experience.
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