Resin handicraft - Ivory furnishing articles

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
Ivory carving refers to material for ivory carving process and finished product, is an ancient Chinese traditional art, folk arts and crafts. Ivory for the most solid part of the elephant, its smooth, durable and valuable can be comparable to the treasure jade stone, so the ivory and & other Organic gems & throughout; A reputation. Ivory carving art to solid fine, colour and lustre is smooth smooth texture, exquisite carving art, cherish much collectors, becomes one of unique variety of antiques. Today, ban on ivory trade, coupled with ivory products raw materials dries up, the number of. chinese handicraft sell less rare, as the market consumption, only. chinese high-quality goods will become increasingly difficult. Therefore, for some time, the price of ivory handicraft of insuring 100%,. chinese art by collectors. By resin process made of ivory furnishing articles in addition to perfect imitation ivory process, the fittings of ivory overall sensory downy wen wan, the atmosphere, quiet, suitable for put in the home. This one to imitate the resin handicraft furnishing articles of ivory, in its convex side sculpture out partial antique garden sculpture, can be very natural and beautiful, want to have more beautiful creative handicraft furnishing articles, please contact golden fortune creation arts and crafts.
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