Resin handicraft hand with the development of 3 d printing

by:Ennas      2021-10-13
, according to data released by the state administration of radio global animation industry output value 40 billion dollars a year, and related derivatives have reached $400 billion, of which hand do occupy a larger proportion. China's 1. 3 billion people, 400 million teenagers constitutes the vast consumption market of animation and its derivatives. Annual sales of children's food, 35 billion yuan, 20 billion yuan, children's toys clothing 90 billion yuan, children's audio and video products and all kinds of children's publications, 10 billion yuan of above. At the same time, it is important to note that not only young children under the age of 14 is consumer demand for animation and derivatives, to students in China to 80 watch cartoons after grow up generations has become the anime peripheral strong consumer groups. So we should use advanced 3 d digital modeling technology design and production of anime hand do 3 d model, combined with 3 d printing technology, research and practice anime hand for design and production of new digital way, compared to the traditional hand do prototyping method. Digital has his advantage, innovation, and promote the Chinese cartoon hand do make way design level of ascension. Traditional hand do prototype production due to the limitation of materials and production tools characteristics, in the mode of talent demand and design and production to meet the increasingly stringent requirements of industrialization, the traditional hand do make pain points. The traditional clay material by a series of physical properties such as temperature, humidity, weight of influence and restriction. Besides the traditional hand do modelling, is the use of carved oil sludge, The Chinese use morer) And the earth ( Expensive) , stone powder, clay, The Japanese use morer) , atomic ash ( The Japanese use morer) , AB soil, etc. , some atomic ash and inferior carved oil sludge of high toxicity, under the prototype division long-term exposure to toxic ingredients will enters the body through the skin and respiratory tract, cause serious harm to health. Made of 3 d digital modeling technology to modify the size problem is very simple, need only the head too much choice and shrink a little, too long can use zoom tool flattening waist, the amount of work is only a few minutes. In addition, when a hand handle products need to adjust the size, such as the original is 1:7, now need to adjust for 1:10, overall reduced a lot. At that time, the advantages of digital modeling production also will be very obvious. Japan and the United States in the hand do experience the most advanced production technology, product occupies the largest market share. In recent years, some beautiful hands do prototype division gradually abandoned the traditional clay by hand, to switch to 3 d numerical modeling design and production of hand do prototype, both in terms of product effect or from the market reaction was a great success, has opened up a new hand to run the way of prototyping.
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