Resin handicraft culture creative work

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
Resin handicraft culture creative industry across two fields: the traditional manufacturing and emerging cultural industries, the resin material or resin composite materials as resources as the carrier, with cultural creativity for the soul, with the help of modern industrial production means, will & other; Technology & throughout; With & other; Culture & throughout; Organic combine, form a kind of promoting production, demand and consumption of enterprise clusters. Because of its in promoting industrial upgrading, promote economic transformation effect is obvious. The improvement of the investment and financing system and application of science is the important way of cultivating and supporting the strategic emerging industries, but also arts and crafts of the development of cultural creative industry to accelerate the main driving force. Development and theory research and practice show that cultural creative class economic features, and the characteristics of the investment and financing, the resin handicraft culture creative industry bigger and stronger, must have a loose policy guide and convenient financing environment support. Domestic resin handicraft culture creative industry development present situation, the industry has been slow, and related enterprises small in scale, low concentration degree, product market share is not high, the technical innovation ability is insufficient limitations such as no big breakthrough, its force & other; Traction & throughout; Effect yet to emerge, golden fortune creation arts and crafts in 2020 will make a series of new type resin handicraft, these products will be integrated into the national culture, now all sorts of elements such as style, will be in the New Year will be made of resin process to be more perfect.
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