Resin handicraft: a new kind of home decoration, quietly

by:Ennas      2020-06-04
Resin handicraft with modern simplicity and traditional, sometimes the gorgeous and elegant, sometimes deep and thick. Resin craft ornaments, candlestick, sculpture, vase, artistic clocks and watches, small furniture accessories and other new type resin gradually into our living room, and because of its unique charm by more and more attention. With its simple, elegant and cultural atmosphere, the space that occupy the home more elegant and attractive, and bland space warm and warm. It is this general magic to make it suitable for different levels of consumers, and is a gift and personal use of the best products. Resin is introduced: resin is a kind of avirulent chemical raw materials and environmental protection. Due to the finished product has a metal strength, so often referred to as the glass fiber reinforced plastic. Due to the resin material in production is liquid, so has the very good liquidity. It is the only can produce high strength carving products on the market of the material, and is completely handmade. Resin material is fire prevention and waterproof. Its characteristics are widely used in the manufacture of handicrafts production ( Such as figures, animal sculpture, crystal, gold, copper, silver, antique, agate, ivory, jade, etc. ; Resin furniture, picture frames; carve patterns or designs on woodwork The bumper ( The car) The bumper on the market at present, more than 100000 kinds of plastic by resin fiberglass) , passenger car is 100% glass fiber plastic material, the bus rearview mirror, double-box car hatchbacks, glass fiber products accessories and so on.
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