Resin/flexible toughened membrane online! Huawei honor v10 measured

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
2. 5 d screen mobile phone sticker is very upset, the mainstream of mobile phone film has its annoying defects, and we want to introduce new toughened membrane in contrast will have what kind of performance, let me do that the first to eat crab. Why do you say about this film is a new, according to the seller said this is their own development, now see, that's true, that's a, didn't get to choose. This spirit of research and development, to his credit. Resin toughened membrane membrane thickness is about the same, the thicker than the plastic film, material also different, it can make pattern is much, frosted, blu-ray, high-definition, surface hardening, thin oil layer, can make for you. Hardness between glass and plastic membrane, obstruction for daily use, because is the resin material, a large scratches with the with the could even repair, this god! Ok, ok, still better than ordinary steel membrane stick. Kind of toughened membrane in order to have no white lace, do fault tolerance is very low, I put on the three times, are off the heavy stick, no matter, flexible toughened membrane is simple and crude. But the bottom left corner has a small white edge, that's ok, we tried to it, let it micro deformation joint, with white lace is complete without a few days. We can see a film and mobile joint is in good condition, no white lace. The 2 edges in the film. 5 d grinding, side view also reflects light, this is a full-screen toughened film and plastic film can't do it. I has been in use for a month, love, touch sensitive. Handle, between glass and plastic membrane, very warm, to now also didn't find any scratches. Glass film feel partial hale, if is the kind of film with plastic ring, also has a sense of interlining, touch also is ineffective, knock kuang kuang. And the plastic handle crude, easy scratching, the most sad, anyway I is don't want to use. By the way, there is a water condensate film, feel is also have a poor sense of direction, is too thin to post, bumpy surface, the visual effect is poor.
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