Research shows that 'Elderly Toys' are beneficial to the physical and mental health of the elderly

by:Ennas      2021-11-29

As soon as the Spring Festival is over, the children leave home, let the old people's lives return to loneliness. Many children understand the mood of their parents, so they have the idea of u200bu200bbuying old-age toys for their parents. However, after visiting shopping malls and street stalls, they find that there are very few toys suitable for the elderly. In fact, it is said that 'old children   It’s really difficult to buy a toy for parents. Elderly toys, as the name suggests, are toys suitable for the elderly, mainly for leisure and puzzles. But such toys are hard to find on the market. Recently, the reporter visited several large shopping malls such as Suzhou Impression City, No. 1 Department Store and People's Department Store. In the dazzling toy counter, toys can be said to be countless. But when the reporter asked the salesperson to buy toys for the elderly, most of them showed an embarrassed expression: 'We don't have toys for the elderly here.' When she met Apo Xu who came to accompany her grandson to buy toys, she smiled and said to the reporter that she would take her little grandson. I'm too busy, so I don't care about my entertainment.   The toys for the elderly in the physical store are hard to find. We began to turn to the omnipotent Taobao. Enter 'Elderly ToysTake a closer look, most of the toys are children's toys with the note 'old man' attached. Continue to pay attention to sales, most shops have eaten a 'zero duck egg'. According to industry insiders, the elderly in my country have an average of more than 18 years of leisure time. During this stage, people’s physiological functions are gradually aging and the scope of activities is gradually reduced. Due to the constraints of natural and living conditions, the elderly are unlikely to be long-term. Engaged in field-based exercise, then they can use toys to use their hands and brains, delay the degeneration of their thinking, and achieve the purpose of physical exercise. However, the domestic toy market for the elderly is still blank. In foreign countries, toys for the elderly are definitely at the forefront. In the United States, more than 40% of toys are purchased and consumed by the elderly. The ratio of talents for design developers is generally around 20% in developed countries, and only 1% in China. In addition, there are only 18 colleges and universities with toy design majors in the country, and there are about 400 graduates each year, which simply cannot satisfy the huge shortage of toy talents. The shortage of design talents has become a shortcoming in the development of the toy industry. What else can the elderly play besides the 'three big pieces' There are no special toys. Playing mahjong, chess, and poker are the 'three big pieces' that can be said to be the best 'weapons' for the elderly to spend their time. During this period of rainy days, it was not convenient to go out, but in the chess and card rooms on the streets and alleys, the sound of playing mahjong was endless. Take a closer look, most of them are gray-haired old people, but when they are on the table, they are 'live and liveSpeaking of toys, Uncle Zhou was delighted: 'I also accompany my little ancestor to touch the toys. Now the toys are too advanced to get them.'    In addition to the 'three big piecesIt is also something that many elderly people like to play with. In Baiyangwan Street Home Care Service Center, these things are very popular. According to Wang Wenjuan, the webmaster, “Elderly people often play chess or card games, which can fully exercise the brain cells of the elderly. As long as the brain cells keep running, the number of dendritic cells that transmit information will increase. Delay aging and prevent the occurrence of memory loss in the elderly and Alzheimer's disease.' She recommends toys such as chess, bridge, Huarong Road, and Go. These toys are not difficult to operate and are calm and suitable for the elderly to play. In addition, things like picking sticks, flying chess, jigsaw puzzles, darts, and the once popular Song Dynasty Jiulianhuan and Kongmingsuo... the price is not high, but they are all conducive to healthy left and right brains and activate brain cells. Mahjong, which is generally liked by the elderly, is also beneficial to intelligence, but the winning or losing should not be too large to avoid irritating the elderly. At the same time, the elderly should not play and sit for too long, otherwise it will be harmful to their health. Strengthening the brain and delaying aging,    can play with the elderly, the body is good. Recently, Professor Yan Jinhong from the Department of Health and Behavior of the University of Houston gave an academic seminar called 'The Control of the Brain and Nervous System on Human Behavior' at Nanjing Normal University. At the report meeting, he suggested that the elderly should play more with toys and use their brains to delay the degeneration of their thinking. However, it is generally believed that toys belong to children's patents in China. 'This is a complete misunderstanding. It is true that the elderly also need toys, sometimes even more than children.' At present, the Chinese people's concept of 'elderly toys' lags behind foreign countries for a full 30 years.   Wang Dahua, an associate professor at the Institute of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University, believes that old people who can play are generally healthy and live a long life. 'Playing games' can help the elderly train the sensitivity of the brain and slow down memory decline. If they can win in some group games or confrontation games, they can also add a sense of pride and feel that 'I am still useful.' The most important thing is that playing can help the elderly get rid of loneliness, and their hearts are open and open, which is naturally beneficial to prolong life.   In addition, family members must pay attention to two points when buying toys for the elderly: First, the difficulty of the toys should be moderate, and it is advisable for the elderly to learn after two or three days of hard work. Too simple, the elderly feel disinterested, and cannot exercise their brains; too difficult, the elderly learn too hard, but self-defeating, it makes the elderly feel frustrated and is not conducive to their mental health. Second, buying toys for the elderly should consider their psychological acceptance. It is best to communicate with the elderly in advance and explain your thoughts.
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