Replacing Barbie's new popular king-'Frozen'

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

For those parents who are eager to fulfill all their holiday wishes for their young girls, there is good news for Thanksgiving this year: there is a new queen among many toys, and this queen is not wearing pink clothes. According to a study released by the National Retail Federation (NRF), in the 11 years since the survey was conducted, Mattel has long been selected as the most popular toy for girls, Barbie, and lost to others for the first time this year. The new popular king to replace Barbie is the Disney (Disney) animation giant 'Frozen' (Frozen) in Princess Elsa (and other cartoon characters in Princess Ann, Xuebao and Weston Kingdom, for any one These are not unfamiliar to those with children under 10 years old). The NRF survey found that one-fifth of parents (20%) intend to buy Disney's 'Frozen' themed products for their young daughters. This proportion exceeds those who buy Barbie dolls (16.8%). At the same time, 'Monsters High School' 'Monster High' and 'American Girl' (American Girl) are also among the top five most popular dolls.   Within a few months, Princess Aisha filled the supermarket shelves with toys. In the weeks before Halloween, the 'Frozen' theme dress took the lead and became the most popular search for Halloween costumes, although the movie has been released for nearly a year. Since the premiere of this Disney movie (and set a premiere box office record), there has been a constant debate about whether the protagonist Aisha and his sister Anna are actually more suitable to be role models for little girls, and this is relative For the stylishly dressed Barbie and other dolls on the 'pink toy aisle' described by critics.   After all, the blond Aisha is as beautiful as Barbie, except that she is also the Queen of Ice and Snow. Indeed, Disney still has the problem of princess inclination. But I agree with Cindy White on She summarized why the sisters in 'Frozen' are more suitable to be role models for girls than other cartoon characters:   Under circumstances, we can only say that the climax of 'Frozen' does not involve the plot of a handsome man to rescue the hopeful princess. The story revolves around the two princesses-sisters Aisha and Anna-and their personality characteristics are determined by their unique raising environment and the alienated relationship between them, rather than the men in their lives. As far as the characters are concerned, they are full and full, with a wide range of human characteristics, including love, fear, loneliness, anger, discouragement, courage and vulnerability. What promotes the development of the plot is that Anna wants to get along with her sister, and her sister Aisha desperately keeps the distance between the two in order to protect Anna. Both of them are taking great risks for each other. Romantic love is only a secondary foil plot; in this story about sisterhood, male characters act as supporting roles. There is nothing wrong with letting my daughters follow their example.   Parents who want to keep their daughters away from dolls (whether Barbie or other dolls) are encouraged to hear that the sixth most popular girl gift in the NRF survey is a Lego toy. This may bode well for start-ups like GoldieBlox girl toy company, these assembled toys encourage girls to become interested in technology.
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