Reinvigorate and pass three levels first

by:Ennas      2021-11-16

In 2009, China’s toy exports totaled US$19.8 billion, a 22% decrease from 2008. However, it is worth noting that since October, China’s toy exports have continued to grow, coupled with the recovery of the global economy, and increased demand in the European and American markets. According to NPD’s latest forecast, the world’s toy market sales will reach US$86.3 billion in 2010. According to the report, the North American market accounts for 33% of the world market, followed by the European market with 30% and the Asian market with 24%. Obviously, 2010 is even more critical for toy companies. Spring is here, is our toy company ready? Can you pass the three hurdles smoothly? Employment clearance. After the Spring Festival in previous years, employees returned to the factory, increased their horsepower, and really started a new round of struggle. However, after the Spring Festival this year, we did not see the turbulent 'rework tide' in previous years. A large number of labor-intensive enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and other places experienced serious 'labor shortages.' In order to recruit more ordinary operators, many companies have made unique tricks, and have greatly increased their salaries. However, even if salary increases, 'labor shortage' is still common. The number of orders has increased, but how to complete these orders? Talent off. The second problem is to a certain extent derived from the first problem, and that is the lack of 'talents'. With the rapid development of the industry today, as long as one falls behind in technological innovation, the problem faced by enterprises will be to fall behind step by step. Every year, there are countless professional talents graduating from colleges and universities. On the one hand, students shout that jobs are hard to find, and on the other hand, companies clamor for lack of talent. Whether it is for the company to train itself or to go to the society to find talents, how to solve this problem will become the top priority of the company in the current 'technology first'. Quality is off. In recent years, trade barriers between Europe and the United States have been building higher and higher. Judging from the situation shown by various countries at the beginning of the year, trade protection and access policy wars will definitely become more and more fierce. Therefore, even if the European and American economies recover and market demand rises, how to make The entry of our products into the market is another problem that companies have to face. Toy companies are well aware that the cost of increasing quality and safety testing will be very heavy. Of course, our challenges are far more than these. Not long ago, the central bank raised the deposit reserve ratio again, which inevitably made people wonder: as an important step in the normalization of domestic currency, will the yuan re-appreciate again? It is worth paying close attention to toy companies that rely on exports for a long time. In addition, due to the increase in the price of production materials and the increase in labor costs caused by the shortage of labor, will Chinese toys that have gradually faded from the 'cheap coat' face more serious challenges? For years of difficulties and challenges, we should be more clearly aware that in a good situation, to see a bright future, we must pay more attention to down-to-earth and take every step.
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