Registration for the 9th China Toys and Baby Products Industry Conference kicked off

by:Ennas      2021-12-26

In 2016, the environment inside and outside the industry has been ever-changing, and the operation of small and medium-sized enterprises is facing the biggest challenge in history! E-commerce, B2C, C2C and other concepts have not been 'digested, Live broadcast... are coming at an eye-popping speed! New technologies bring forth the new, and new formats are ready to emerge. They have changed our production and lifestyle in all aspects. Reform and innovation will become the key elements of the sustainable development of the company. In order to break the predicament of industry enterprises and promote the healthy development of toys, baby products and licensing industries, the China Toys and Baby Products Association is scheduled to hold the 9th Industry Conference at the Suzhou Taihu International Conference Center on March 30-31, 2017. The 'Global Trends' forum focuses on changes in global related industrial policies, cultural environment, economic environment, and consumer environment; explores the development direction of big education, big health, big environmental protection, big retail and big manufacturing; interprets industry development trends; 'China Smart Manufacturing' forum Focus on the strategies and tactics of leading companies in this industry and related cross-industry in the fields of design, Ru0026D, processing and manufacturing, technology and culture, and branding, and build their core competitiveness; the 'China Layout' forum focuses on the industry and related cross-industry leaders in consumption-based Channel layout optimization, retail format upgrades, supply chain transformation, and precision marketing based on big data are carried out based on the needs of consumers to create sustainable development capabilities for the company. Highlights of the conference: 1. Comprehend the analysis of government leadership policies. 2. Share the latest authoritative data in the industry. 3. Insight into the forward-looking trends of experts and scholars. 4. Learn from the actual combat experience of leading peers. 5. Appreciate the development path of cross-industry elites. 6. Meet TJPA Taihu Night theme exchange activities. The conference invited important guests such as Mr. Wu Xiaobo, an economic expert, Mr. Ye Guofu, the global founder of MINISO, Ms. Feng Yi, the vice president of, Mr. Huang Wang, CEO of Xiaomi's ecological chain company Huami Technology, and Mr. Huang Jiaqiang, CEO of Hamleys China. , Education, manufacturing, retail and other industry directions to share themes. At the same time, the conference held the second meeting of the G50 Leaders Summit, TJPA Taihu Night theme exchange activities, industry commendations, the third meeting of the seventh council and one-hour hiking activities around Taihu Lake. The industry conference sponsored by the China Toys and Baby Products Association has been held for eight consecutive years since 2002. Its forward-looking trend interpretation, authoritative data release, innovative theory introduction and successful experience sharing have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign toy and baby products manufacturers and sales companies. For more than ten years, it has been like a weather vane, guiding the industry in the right direction. Registration for the industry conference has now begun... Participation consultation: Yu Fuliang 010-66038881-244
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