Regarding toy safety issues-Fuzhou will conduct a comprehensive inventory of 'three noes' toys starting this month

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
When it comes to toy safety, many parents are particularly concerned, because the safety of toys is completely related to the physical and mental health and personal safety of children. Therefore, it is also very important to carry out supervision of children's toy products. N Haidu reporter Chen Gongzhang and Yuan Liqun Previously, Haidu Daily had repeatedly reported that there were three no toy products around the campus. The reporter was informed that in order to ensure the safety of children's toys, from this month to September 15th, Fuzhou will carry out a tough action to supervise the quality of children's toy products in the city. Carry out six major areas of work, focusing on the inventory of online and offline wholesale stores, shopping malls and supermarkets, stationery stores and toy stores around campuses. Comprehensively improve the operating order of the children's toy market in Fuzhou. Toothpick crossbows, water bombs, fingertip tops, etc. appeared around the campus to establish an action leading group for the physical and mental health of minors. The Fuzhou Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued the 'City-wide Children's Toy Product Quality Supervision Action Work Plan.' The plan pointed out that after years of rectification, the order of the toy sales market around the campus of Fuzhou City has improved, but there are still many problems. Since the beginning of this year, the provincial and municipal media have repeatedly exposed the phenomenon of selling toys such as toothpicks, crossbows, fingertip tops, and crystal mud guns around schools that are easily affected by the physical and mental health of minors. The plan proposes to organize special inspections for the quality of children's toy products, strengthen daily supervision and publicity, promptly release consumer reminders and warnings, increase law enforcement and case handling, expose a number of typical cases, and guide consumers to consume rationally and safely. It is understood that the Fuzhou Municipal Market Supervision Administration has established a leading group for the quality supervision of children's toy products. Based on the six key development plans, the action will be developed around the six key points, focusing on the city's online and offline wholesale stores, shopping malls and supermarkets, stationery stores and toy stores around campuses. Taking Sanwu toys and other commodities as the key varieties, organize and carry out special inspection actions at appropriate times, focusing on checking whether the operator’s main license is complete, whether it is operating toys without manufacturer name, factory location, and product certification, whether the purchase acceptance system is implemented, and the quality of the toy products operated , Whether the label identification (Chinese identification) meets the safety standards, and whether it operates toys with dangerous, terror, vulgar, gambling properties, etc. It is necessary to intensify the random inspection of the quality of students and children's products, and to further increase the tracking and supervision of the handling of the problematic toys found in the random inspections at all levels. According to the plan, operators should be ordered to remove the products from the shelves and stop sales immediately for the discovered products and the products whose labels do not meet the requirements of national standards; for the discovered dangerous toys, products that belong to the CCC certification catalog but not certified, counterfeit and inferior products, Timely seal up, seize, confiscate and destroy all counterfeit and inferior products with serious quality and safety hazards. Substandard products found in random inspections of student and children's products shall be post-processed strictly in accordance with the law. The action lasted until September's plan. It is necessary to increase administrative guidance to operators, require operators not to sell dangerous toys to minors, and consciously implement a purchase inspection system. Close cooperation with local education departments and schools, raise the safety awareness of students and parents by carrying out rights protection to enter the campus, actively create a campus surrounding environment conducive to the healthy growth of minors, maintain the school and its surrounding market order, and increase propaganda power. The operation is divided into three phases, and the deployment starts from May 11 to May 15. From May 16th to June 10th, August 25th to September 15th, it is the on-site inspection stage. In conjunction with important time nodes such as the beginning of school and June 1st, organize and implement special inspections, quality supervision and random inspections, and further increase law enforcement and case handling Strengthen, and expose a batch of cases in due course. Before June 15th and September 15th is the summary and promotion stage. We must continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, take inspections and look back inspections, conduct targeted re-inspections, establish a long-term mechanism, and achieve normalized supervision.
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