Red Dot Award Winner Hao Wah Attends the CKE Baby and Children Show to Push the New Ace of the Year

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

The annual CKE Baby u0026 Kids Exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 21-23, 2020. Before the opening of this industry event, the reporter of CKE Baby u0026 Children Exhibition specially interviewed Xia Shungui, general manager of the well-known exhibitor Taizhou Haohua Baby Products Co., Ltd. It is reported that the diamond baby bottle under Haowa won the Red Dot Product Design Award this year. The general manager talked about his views on baby products and the future development trend of the industry. Reporter from CKE Baby u0026 Children Fair: Your product, Haohua Diamond Baby Bottle, won this year’s Red Dot Award Product Design Award. Could you please share with us the advantages and highlights of this product? Haowa General Manager Xia Shungui: This bottle is one of our company's 'ace products'. It has the following highlights: firstly, it is specially designed for Chinese babies based on ergonomics by an Italian designer; secondly, the material of this bottle is made of high-standard materials, the bottle body is designed with high-standard pure glass, and the nipple is food contact The silicone material is used to give the baby health care fundamentally; functionally, the baby bottle uses an anti-colic system to further reduce the air being swallowed by the baby and reduce the risk of flatulence. Reporter from CKE Baby u0026 Child Fair: What product systems have your company established? Where is the focus of research and development? What are the future plans for product system expansion? Xia Shungui, general manager of Haowa: Haowa’s current product system includes feeding products, bath products, toy exercise bikes and other children’s products, with a focus on the development of toy exercise bikes. On the basis of exercise bikes, we are also actively developing children's balance bikes, scooters, etc. In addition, baby-sliding artifacts, folding bathtubs, etc. are also planned for the future. Reporter of CKE Baby u0026 Children Fair: What new measures will your company have in channel expansion in the future? Xia Shungui, general manager of Haowa: At present, we mainly have three channels. One is online. Major e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and have set up flagship stores; the second is offline, and we authorize dealers to act as agents. Selling products; the third type is foreign trade channels facing the international market. In the current network and information age, in the future, we are committed to operating on more reliable platforms, so that our products have more display opportunities; secondly, we will also step up to expand the source of customers offline, and trade with more companies and businesses. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the foreign trade market has been affected to a certain extent, and we have always had 'ambitions' for overseas. We hope to enter Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and even Africa more actively after the situation stabilizes. market. CKE Baby u0026 Children Fair reporter: Your company is exhibiting at the CKE Baby u0026 Children Fair for the first time. Could you please talk briefly about the reasons for participating? What new goals do you expect to achieve at this year's exhibition? Xia Shungui, general manager of Haowa: We have always emphasized the need to 'go outParticipating in the exhibition, first of all, allows us to contact customers face-to-face, whether they are old customers or potential customers, can better communicate and exchange, so as to facilitate the negotiation of follow-up cooperation. Secondly, we also need to understand the situation of competing companies and their peers in infants and children. There is an old Chinese saying that 'knowing ourselves and the enemy can win every battle.' This is the truth. We can establish or adjust future development plans based on competitive analysis and market research. I can also improve myself through communication and sharing with my peers, and may even win more opportunities for cooperation. Compared with previous years, the number of this year's exhibition is smaller, and the number of exhibitors will be limited. Therefore, we must seize the opportunity to showcase our brands and products, and seek more development possibilities under limited opportunities. CKE Baby u0026 Children Fair reporter: What new plans does your company have in 2021? What is the future market layout? Xia Shungui, general manager of Haowa: In 2021, we will increase investment in the research and development of new product series, enrich the categories of Haowa brand, and occupy a larger baby market. Secondly, we also have a 'super IP planThis super IP will be applied to all categories of products and new media for external promotion. Super IP is the brand image spokesperson of Haohua. The series of stories based on the super IP can help Haohua open a whole new situation. This is also a good doll. An important layout of the 'Hundred-Year Plan'. It is understood that in this CKE baby and child exhibition, Haohua will bring its research and development product-the Royal Train Exercise Bike. The design of the Royal Train Exercise Bike is inspired by the British Royal Train, which integrates retro elegance and cuteness as a whole. Refreshing. The Royal Train uses a double-layer compression-resistant car body and a stable chassis, coupled with shock-absorbing and silent PU wheels, every detail cares for the safety of the baby, and at the same time, it will not disturb other people due to excessive noise. Learn more about the products of Taizhou Haohua Baby Products Co., Ltd. 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