[Recommended] The 4th Super Baby Talent Competition

by:Ennas      2021-11-19

The 4th Super Baby Talent Competition is currently one of the most influential children's activities in Shanghai. Since its opening, the event has attracted the attention of the media, kindergartens and 3-7-year-old families. The activity is based on the principle that quality education should be cultivated from childhood and early childhood education should be carried out through entertainment. The Shanghai Early Childhood Education Exhibition Organizing Committee cooperated with the Shanghai Nursery and Childhood Association to conduct selection activities for the baby talent competition in 1,000 kindergartens in Shanghai. The purpose of this activity is to fully demonstrate the happy childhood of children growing up happily, and to promote the comprehensive development of children's moral, intellectual, physical and beauty. Selection program: There are creative and expressive vocal music, instrumental music, dance, calligraphy and painting performances and other special talent performances. Reward method: The organizing committee will invite professional judges to conduct on-site assessment. For the winning contestants and groups, the organizing committee will issue honorary medals and certificates. (All participating children can get a small gift provided by the organizing committee) Competition Organizing Committee: Shanghai Liyang Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Competition Support Unit: Toys Barba.com Participants: 3-7 year-old children who are lively and lovely. Registration channel: Toy Barba.com direct registration contest organizing committee registration consultation hotline 021-52164993 Event location: Shanghai World Trade Center (No. 99 Xingyi Road) (No. 2299 Yan'an West Road) Activity time: 2011.05.21-22
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