[Recommended] The 4th Shenzhen International Model Exhibition will open soon!

by:Ennas      2021-11-17

The 4th China (Shenzhen) International Model Exhibition 2010 will be grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on September 10-12! Since its inception in 2007, Shenzhen International Model Exhibition has been successfully held for three sessions. It has undergone qualitative changes in terms of scale, professionalism, and internationality, and has gradually developed into a world trader purchasing model products and inspection models. A one-stop high-end business exchange platform for factories and collecting industry information. The Shenzhen International Model Exhibition was renamed 'China (Shenzhen) International Model Exhibition' in 2010. The investment and promotion work of the fourth exhibition was officially launched in January 2010, drawing on the experience of the previous three exhibitions And resources, the 4th China (Shenzhen) International Model Exhibition has made a new leap in organization, planning and promotion. China (Shenzhen) International Model Exhibition is based in South China and has a global perspective. It actively contacts with domestic and foreign model exhibitors and buyers, and strives to do a good job of inviting. The organizer revealed that this exhibition not only received well-known domestic media such as RCfans, 5IMX, China Model Network, 'Aviation WorldIn addition to the support of the 4th Model Exhibition, the staff of the Organizing Committee of the 4th Model Exhibition also flew to Nuremberg, Germany for publicity work on February 2 this year. The Nuremberg Toy Model Fair is the world’s top exhibition and has been successfully held for 61 sessions. During the exhibition, the organizing committee staff and the United States’ largest model importer HOBBICO, Europe’s top model importer robbe hpi-racing kyosho, and Taiwan’s Thunder Tiger phoenix model Ansmannag Kavan Graupner Jamara and Japanese Tamiya and other foreign model agents and brand owners exchanged ideas. According to the statistics of the organizing committee, nearly 50 foreign model toy buyers have made it clear that they will come to China to participate in the 2010 4th China (Shenzhen) International Model Exhibition. According to Mr. Zhang, the organizing committee of the exhibition, there are already 153 models of well-known brands in the industry, such as Outrage, E-SKY, Aite, Nantah, Expressway, Science Art, GWS, Phoenix, Rekeda, Sky, Xinying Flying, etc. Manufacturers set up a large-scale exhibition at the '2010 4th China (Shenzhen) International Model ExhibitionESKY, a well-known remote control model manufacturer in China, participated in the China (Shenzhen) International Model Exhibition for the first time. The person in charge of its market said: 'This time the company has set up eight booths, and the basic company's products on sale or about to be listed will be exhibited.' If you want to have a comprehensive understanding For ESKY products, this exhibition cannot be missed. The well-known domestic model car manufacturer Nanda Model Company is also exhibiting for the first time in this Shenzhen model exhibition. According to the company's related person in charge, Ms. Zhou, Nanda Model will set up 6 booths at the exhibition to display a series of model cars of the company. At the same time, there is also a 54-square-meter racing track, and there will be wonderful racing performances. In addition, it is the second time that Guangzhou Fuyuan Model participated in the Shenzhen Model Exhibition. The first exhibition was the third model exhibition in 2009. The person in charge of the company’s marketing revealed that there are four booths set up this time, and the products on display include land and sea. Various model products are available, especially the one-meter-long oil-powered tank model. Of course, there are also people like Guilin Xinying Model who have participated in the four consecutive Shenzhen Model Shows. The company’s head Mr. Liu said that this time the company has arranged 6 to 8 booths. The main products on display are model airplanes. Large gasoline model airplane. The organizer stated that it has invited the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Argentina, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau and other countries and regions. Relevant persons in charge and merchants attend the exhibition and purchase. It is reported that 196 foreign buyers such as Hobbico, Ripmax, JR Model, Horizon, World Models, Sky Hobbies, Maxford USA, Kyosho, etc. have visited the exhibition. Some domestic businesses and institutions will also jointly organize groups to visit the exhibition. Exhibition activities: 1. Technical Seminar. During the exhibition, thousands of businessmen will gather, and the organizer will hold targeted information release and technical exchange meetings for exhibitors. This will be the best way for corporate professionals and customers to introduce advanced technology and equipment. The organization unit provides facilities such as venues and sound amplification, and cooperates with inviting 60 to 100 relevant professionals to attend. 2. Model championship exhibition match. During the exhibition, the 'I and Models Have Fun' remote control helicopter exhibition competition will be held at the Shenzhen Mangrove Model Airport. , 0 L. g: t% J( h-a remote control fan model forum|RCFans Forum, sub-models, remote control fans and other units participated in the competition. 3. Nanjing University model racing performance. The exhibition of the Nanjing University model will be spread out 54 square meters On the racing track, there will be performances of drifting and climbing.
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