Recommended new toys | Innovative design, emerging trends, and more 'black technology'!

by:Ennas      2022-01-10
In the past week, major toy manufacturers have launched a batch of new toy products. We have selected a few new toy products with innovative designs or representative trends. Let us see what their characteristics are! ▋ Peekaboos (peekaboos): Combine plush, dolls and children’s favorite games, Peekaboos, a new baby toy launched by Madame Alexander, is a 12-inch soft doll with a unique design. Combine classic peekaboo games, plush toys and doll toys together. Each doll wears a set of non-detachable plush coats with a peekaboo hood. Pull the hat off to disguise as a sloth, alpaca or UniCat (a combination of a unicorn and a cat). The entire series contains three dolls with different skin colors. Each doll has no hair to avoid the risk of entanglement. The faces of the dolls have bright purple eyes and a calm and sweet expression, which adds to the attractiveness of the toy. ▋ New Osmo Math Wizard series: Learn mathematics through interactive games. Osmo has launched two new toy products that focus on mathematics thinking and are designed to help new-entry children learn mathematics, 'Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships' and 'Math Wizard and the Enchanted World GamesWith the help of a tablet computer, children can use the attached toy accessories to interact with the electronic screen to help them build their self-confidence in mathematics and their ability to solve problems in a gamified way. 'Math Wizard and the Amazing Airships' contains two games that focus on mathematical thinking. In the airship game, players will build airships on mats and test them in the air, learning how to use balloons to maintain lift balance, using parcels and wood Blocks to balance the weight and let the airship fly. In the 'Clockwork' game, players must use fingers and counting skills to wind a group of clockwork robots to the correct number so that they can move around the port. The 'Math Wizard and the Enchanted World Games' set contains two games that teach multiplication and critical thinking. In the bento box game, players can choose from five different sports and help athletes pack a magical fruit combination bento box; In the fruit juice team competition, elite athletes from four different sports will rely on the players to mix the right amount of fruit to create magical juices and win trophies. ▋ FoxMind Go PoP! Roundo: Simple and fun, with decompression effect. With the help of the overseas version of TikTok, decompression toys (Fidgets Toys) are highly sought after abroad, and major toy manufacturers have launched new products. The decompression toy Go PoP! Roundo launched by FoxMind is composed of a plastic disc. Players over 5 years old select a row and press any number of bubbles. The opponent presses the row of bubbles they want. The bubble is pressed until the player who pressed the last bubble loses the round. After the game is over, turn the disc over to start the next round of the game. There are three colors in the series, which is very easy to carry and can be played anywhere. ▋ Gameboard: Combining 3D touch, human-computer interaction and other functions to bring a new game experience for board games. This is a 16×16-inch electronic board game board launched by The Last Gameboard, which uses 3D touch technology and matching mobile phone applications. , Can provide interactive functions with physical objects, such as game parts, cards, etc., bringing a new desktop gaming experience. In addition to being compatible with traditional board, card and dice games, it can also support role-playing games, strategy games, etc. The Last Gameboard company cooperates with digital and tabletop game developers to make it compatible with more digital version of board game products. Which of the above four featured new products do you like? For more new product information, please look forward to the next recommendation!
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