[Recommended] Jingzheng·Guangzhou Pregnancy, Infant and Child Fair

by:Ennas      2021-11-19

Ten years of grace, new starting point, big future. From 2003 to 2012, along with the vigorous development of China's maternity and infant industry, Jingzheng·Pregnancy, infant and child exhibition ushered in a decade of splendid blooming. The scale of the exhibition is expanding, the participating brands are increasing, the exhibition services are improving, and the number of visitors is increasing sharply. After ten years of development, Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition has fully grown into a professional cooperation platform for brand display, market promotion, innovative display, institutional cooperation, resource sharing and international exchanges. Guangzhou, as the birthplace and gathering place of maternity and infant products, Jingzheng opened the maternity and infant products expo by virtue of its huge market capacity and potential to inject new impetus into the development of the maternity, infant and child industry in South China. At present, Jingzheng·Guangzhou Pregnancy, Baby and Child Fair has been successfully held for 6 sessions. The brand influence of the fair has penetrated the market and the industry colleagues. With the increase of exhibitors and the arrival of the audience, the scale of the exhibition urgently needs to be expanded, and the supporting services need to be upgraded. In response to these urgent needs, in 2011, Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition moved the exhibition hall to Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall, with a wider display space, more convenient logistics and transportation, more professional exhibition services, and more eye-catching Advertising to welcome audiences from all directions. At the same time as the scale of the exhibition expands, Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Exhibition will further develop its internal strength and exert its internal strength, taking the effectiveness of exhibitors' participation and the convenience of visitors' visits as the top priority. The new measures of the new Beijing Jingzheng Guangzhou Exhibition in exhibition area planning, on-site interaction, and service quality will bring extraordinary on-site experience to exhibitors and industry audiences. First of all, in the planning of the exhibition area, Jingzheng Guangzhou Exhibition pays more attention to the exhibitor's participation effect, focusing on improving the quality of the main exhibition hall, such as rationally dividing the exhibition channel, correctly guiding the direction of the flow of people, and enabling exhibitors to fully contact professional audiences; Wide exhibition hallway to expand the multi-angle display of special booths; increase the length of the advertising boards of exhibitors to provide enterprises with maximum publicity; set up more functional areas and activity areas to build a multi-faceted publicity channel for product display . Secondly, Jingzheng·Guangzhou Exhibition comprehensively creates a wealth of interactive exhibition activities. Industry seminars are an indispensable training feast every year, and they have also become a classic event for industry professionals. Invite industry experts and think tanks to answer questions and answer questions for industry professionals on the spot, and point out the direction for business operations and development. Convene high-end industry associations to get to know business decision makers, increase the relationship with customers and provide a relaxing and pleasant communication platform for industry professionals. Jingzheng·Guangzhou Exhibition pays more attention to the reflection of innovative products in the exhibition. It will gather the most innovative and cutting-edge new products of this year for a concentrated display to create an interactive experience between the audience and the innovative products, and select the most innovative products based on the audience experience. Innovative gold medal products make the exhibition a platform for innovative technology display, increase audience experience opportunities, trigger audience ordering demand, and lead the latest industry information. Jingzheng·Guangzhou Exhibition provides more convenient participation and full effort for industry colleagues, recommends more economical and better display effect construction service providers, contacts faster and more affordable transporters, and signs more hotel accommodations. The official website publishes the exhibition and visit procedures, and mails badges, invitations, etc. to VIP customers. Jingzheng·Pregnancy, Infant and Child Fair provides exhibitors with personalized and value-added services through a professional service team, and provides visitors with high-quality and attentive visit services. More importantly, in order to maximize the benefits of exhibitors, Jingzheng Guangzhou Exhibition launched a new preferential package, selling booths at cost prices, creating a popular industry exhibition in South China. At the same time, Jingzheng·Guangzhou Exhibition fully promoted to create a more professional industry exhibition, and jointly released exhibition information through a full range of media channels such as official website, TV, newspaper, Internet, Weibo, SMS, professional mall, and overseas inspections. Establish resource sharing with industry magazines, and set up a special column for pregnancy, infants and children of the Jingzheng Exhibition to provide exhibitors with more additional publicity. To increase the value of exhibitors, improve exhibition services, and provide diversified interactive activities, Jingzheng Guangzhou Exhibition will create a brand new exhibition atmosphere for exhibitors and visitors, expand the effects and gains of participation, and thus comprehensively enhance the brand of Jingzheng. Exhibition value.
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