Receiving a famous gift How to find a great explanation for gift giving?

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

The names of gifts are many: birthdays, traditional festivals, full moon for children, housewarming, etc. These are the most common ones. Business gifts are not only limited to these content, but more often they are adaptable, so that customers can accept your gifts happily. During the negotiation, how to give gifts in a decent way and make the recipients happy to accept them? What are the skills? Case study: Ms. Xiao was recently discussing cooperation with a large foreign trade company. Although the exchanges were relatively pleasant, the marketing manager of that foreign trade company has been adopting the strategy of 'circling the circle'. Ms. Xiao also understands that the other party did not fully trust her. She secretly asked someone to find out that the manager likes to collect some antique gadgets, and suddenly remembered that one of the calligraphy and paintings inlaid with a mahogany frame in the manager’s office was a rubbing, which was different from the elegant furnishings of the office. Too coordinated. Ms. Xiao’s uncle is a well-known calligrapher in China. He happened to give her a few calligraphy and paintings a few days ago. So when she visited the manager one day ago, she pretended to take his uncle's calligraphy and painting casually. Come out, ask the manager to help appraise it. The manager checked it carefully and confirmed that it was an authentic calligrapher, who loved it very much. Ms. Xiao had to match the calligraphy and painting with a more elegant frame, and put the calligraphy and painting in the mahogany frame. When I left, Ms. Xiao said that the calligraphy and painting were related to the manager’s mahogany frame and left the calligraphy and painting with the manager. In this way, Ms. Xiao and the marketing manager established a cooperative relationship with the calligraphy and painting, and the peace talks proceeded smoothly.  This is a simple case of success. In business gifting, if you want to give gifts successfully, you must let customers receive gifts well-known”. The editor recommends a few good sayings for you:    Saying one: Tell the reason to the other's child. You can say: things are bought for children. Don't say I'm looking for you to do errands, but it's okay. Shouldn't I just stop by and buy something for my child? '   Saying two: Tell the reason to the old man. You can say: You’re welcome, the things are bought for the old man — the old man’s body is okay recently, you can carry the things to the old man when it’s convenient, and I won’t go there anymore. Look at him exclusively.”    Saying three: Talking about the reason to the lover who is not around. You can say: I also said that I don't need to get things when I look for you, but my lover said nothing. Now that it's here, let's put it aside, otherwise, my lover must complain that I can't do anything. '   Saying four: Talk about the reason for the other party's possible costs. You can say: You are enough to do things, can it still make you spend? You have to get it. '   The above several methods, although you can't be successfulBut it will make customers feel better after hearing it, and there are reasons to accept the gift instead of rejecting it.
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