Rare dolls have skyrocketed in value

by:Ennas      2021-12-15

The real post-90s girls will remember these three American dolls: Samantha, Felicity and Molly. According to a report by the US news aggregator website 'buzzfeed.com' on November 9th, many toys have now been discontinued, and these dolls have become rare toys for collectors and their value has skyrocketed. For example, the ancient Kirsten doll can sell for $579 if her bed and apron are still there. If the Samantha doll has multiple sets of clothes to change and her furniture is also there, then her starting price is $700, and if the Samantha doll does not have any accessories, then she is also worth $549.99. A complete set of Kirsten dolls (including each of her accessories or clothes) is worth $2,775. Some Molly and Samantha dolls start at $1990.
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