Ranking of Top Ten Dangerous Toys in 2014

by:Ennas      2021-12-15

Recently, many websites reprinted the 'Top Ten Dangerous Toys Ranking List'. The reporter searched and found that the 'dangerous toys' listed on this list included toy guns, yo-yos, hydrogen balloons, building blocks, toy cars, Music toys, etc. What kind of harm do these toys have? Where is the harm? How do parents choose toys for their children correctly? In response to these issues, the reporter interviewed Lei Xinjian, a senior engineer at the Light Industry Institute of the Urumqi Quality Supervision Institute. According to Lei Xinjian, a senior engineer at the Light Industry Institute of the Urumqi Quality Supervision Institute, the hazards of toys are divided into design and material. In addition, toys still have problems such as noise and germs. It should be said that the development and design of each toy is divided into age groups, and whether the design is qualified or not is defined by circumstances, but no matter how old the child is, if the parts of the toy are detachable, have sharp edges, and have length A rope that can wrap around a baby's neck is unqualified. For the child, there are potential hazards such as swallowing parts, being scratched, and suffocating due to entanglement. Such toys include toy cars, plush toys, wooden toys, metal toys, etc. In addition, beware of magnets and batteries. Toys with easily loose magnets have a higher risk. If children swallow more than two magnets, it will cause fatal damage to the intestines. Be careful to prevent children from swallowing button batteries in pronunciation books, music greeting cards, and electronic watches. If they stay in the esophagus, they can cause tissue damage. If the battery that the child swallows is still charged, it can also cause internal burns. Plasticizers: Plasticizers that affect the physiological functions of young children are often used in children's toys. According to Lei Xinjian, plasticizers have potential chronic toxicity. Among them, estrogen-like effects, liver toxicity, and nephrotoxicity may cause cell metabolism disorders, cardiovascular disorders, and even cancer. For children who have been exposed to plastic toys containing dehp for a long time, their physiological functions and hormone secretion may be affected, resulting in the feminization of boys and precocious puberty in girls. The plasticizer contains formamide, and the foam puzzle mat is the most common children's toy, which emits a high concentration of formamide odor. It can be absorbed into the body through the respiratory tract, digestive tract mucosa and skin, and damage the blood and nervous system. Heavy metals: the hazards lurking behind the colors. Bright colors are often more attractive to children. Therefore, in order to make toys more attractive, some manufacturers use large amounts of colorants in the production of plastic toys. According to Lei Xinjian, heavy metals are mainly found in the paint and coating materials of colored toys. Some toys made of recycled plastics also contain harmful heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, and chromium, such as brightly colored building blocks and injection molded toys. , Patterned balloons, books and picture albums, and bleached and dyed plush toys all contain lead. After formaldehyde and azo dyes come into contact with human skin, they can cause a variety of malignant diseases, absorb and cause cancer. The state clearly stipulates that it is not allowed to be used, but due to its low price and stable color fixation, it has been unable to prevent illegal vendors from using it. Hydrogen balloon: A time bomb in your hand. On the street, in the square, at the entrance of the hospital, you can see the colorful hydrogen balloons in the hands of vendors, designed in various shapes and patterns. There is a simulation experiment on the lethality of hydrogen balloons on the Internet, which is vividly compared to a time bomb held in hand. In this regard, Lei Xinjian said that hydrogen has a good lift. Generally, balloons are filled with hydrogen. The hazard of hydrogen is that it flashes and explodes in an open flame, making it more powerful to explode in a closed space. Use a carton to do a test. If the airtightness of the carton is intact, the impact force generated by the explosion of the two hydrogen balloons in the carton is enough to blow the carton. In addition, smoking, sun exposure, etc. may cause the hydrogen balloon to explode and burn. With the continuous renovation of toy patterns, the form of harm to the baby is also increasing. Toys with excessive noise are one of them. Normally, a person’s conversation is 30 to 40 decibels, a loud talk is 80 decibels, and a loud voice or a tweeter is 90 decibels. Sounds below 40 decibels have no adverse effects on children. If the noise often reaches 80 decibels, children will have headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, emotional tension, memory loss and other symptoms. Like all kinds of electric toys, a toy phone can reach a noise of 123 decibels, which will cause great damage to children's hearing in the long run. In addition, some seemingly safe toys can cause harm to infants and young children if used improperly. For example, air-compressed toys that can squeak and squeak can make a sound of 78 to 108 decibels within 10 cm, which is equivalent to A walking tractor rang in my ears. At present, more than 90% of the stuffed toys children play with are moderately or severely contaminated with germs, and they are easily contaminated with germs. In this regard, experts particularly emphasized that fluffy toys should be disinfected and cleaned frequently to avoid becoming a new source of infection, and children should play with such toys as little as possible. Some toys made of inferior recycled plastics are mostly processed from waste materials such as garbage and even medical infusion needles. In addition, the environmental sanitation in the production process is unqualified. There are a large number of toys made from this. Toxic bacteria.
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