QuYang stone carvings can be divided into several categories according to the use?

by:Ennas      2020-05-27
Core tip: with the improvement of living standard, people to enjoy the feeling and ideas of the beautiful things is different, a lot of people begin to appreciate the art of stone carving the. So now, according to different purposes of, also with the improvement of living standards, the feeling of people to appreciate the beautiful things and ideas are also different, a lot of people begin to appreciate the art of stone carving the. So now according to different purposes of, also divided into many kinds, let's take a look at stone of a few kinds big. 1, ornamental stone, decorative stone, wear and collection. Such as kinds of jade ornaments, all kinds of ornamental stones and decoration parts. This kind of stone products volume is small. 2, the grottoes and cliff stone. Such as dunhuang grottoes, yungang grottoes, the longmen grottoes, etc. 3, cemetery carved stone. Such as all kinds of tomb stone, the sarcophagus Guo, burial offerings, etc. 4, stone palaces, mansions and gardens. Such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Summer Palace, hebei chengde ele villa are a very classic stone products. 5, temple temple, by building an altar stone carvings. Huiyong, such as Beijing, shandong Confucius temple in the palace columns and shrines are stone pillars, stone products. 6, stone carving. Such as hebei zhaozhou bridge characters carved stone, stone lions on Beijing lugouqiao bridge, etc. 7, stone deficiency and arch stone carvings. Such as Confucius temple stele carved stone. 8, tower building stone. Such as all kinds of stone. 9, stone monuments, book. Such as a variety of monuments, tomb stone, etc. 10, people and animal stone carvings. Such as celebrity statues, statues, stone, etc. 11, living stone carving craft products. Such as table, chair, stool, tea table, lamps and lanterns, ink inkstone, etc. 12, the modern city landscape and memorial stone carvings. Such as big cities small figurines, garden statues and memorial statue, etc. In recent years, our country have developed many new type of multifunctional stone processing machinery, to promote the development of China's stone industry, change the traditional manual work, improve product quality and grades.
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