Quick look! VTech's 'Mini Agent Team' IP New Product Launch Conference Airborne in Chongqing

by:Ennas      2022-01-09
For animation fans, what kind of experience is it like to meet a new animation product launch by chance? To use the current buzzword, it must be on the happy planet. On Saturday, July 10, in Tianjie, Xicheng, Chongqing, a new product launch conference for the 'Mini Agent Team' IP authorization created by VTech and Marvel and Rui was grandly held in the atrium on the first floor of Hall L. As a hot-blooded adventure action series animation that has spread all over the Internet, the mini-agent team's ability to attract fans is really different. As soon as the press conference opened, wave after wave of small movie fans were ushered in. Not only did everyone watch the latest episode of the mini agent team 'Super Dinosaur Force 2Don't say you don't know the mini-agent team, this is a 3D passionate action-adventure series for children aged 3-9. The film tells the story of four small animals transforming into cool robots and mech fighters, taking the responsibility of protecting the Blue Bell Village and the weak animals, and launching a series of exciting and exciting fights with the enemy. The story is relaxed and humorous, single integrated, simple and easy to understand, bringing justice, unity, friendship, and positive values u200bu200bto children. The series of cartoons have been broadcast on CCTV 7 episodes, reaching the top ratings, and once broadcasted in prime time on Four Davids TV, winning the ratings. It is broadcast in 200 countries around the world through Netflix and other platforms, and it ranks in the top three on Youtube. The cumulative number of dramas on demand exceeds 17 billion times. Tencent, iQiyi, and Youku are vying to recommend it. Since its broadcast in 2016, there have been three hot episodes of 'The Strongest Warrior, Mini Agent'S little fan. On July 9th of this year, 'Mini Agents Super Dinosaur Force 2' finally meets everyone again~ The new product release shocked the audience. This VTech Mini Agents new product launch conference is accompanied by 'Mini Agents Super 'Dinosaur Force 2' was released on the market. It is understood that the three new products brought by VTech are based on the prototype design of the three powerful protagonists Fule, Semi, and Xiaoao in the animation. They are the ultra-changing dragon mecha-Tiraka, and the ultra-changing Yanlong mecha. -Silas, Super Transformation Dragon Mech-Tegus-It can present a super cool mecha warrior form 1:1, freely transform between the dinosaur warrior and the agent warrior, play with one thing and two, inspire the little ones The creativity of fans. Different from similar IP-licensed series products, the VTech Mini Agents series are all animated soundtrack dubbing and theme songs, allowing children to experience the scene, feel full of positive energy, and greatly upgrade their sense of substitution. At the same time, each mecha warrior also has a series of electronic functions such as vibration sensing, voice interaction, sound and light special effects, and brings an extraordinary play experience for children. The scene is hot and much attention. Once the new products on the scene were released, they won the attention of the whole audience. Many small fans of the mini-agent team rushed to experience it. Of course, the intimate VTech has long delineated a trial area for children to play freely, and a mini-agent team award-winning interactive transformation PK competition is held to summon the power of dinosaurs with the children. Open area for interactive play. In front of the demo table, the children surrounded the demo table. Under the guidance of the staff, the clever children quickly mastered the essentials of transformation, from dinosaurs to mecha fighters, and then from mecha fighters to dinosaurs. They enjoyed it and exchanged their experience with toys and transformation experience from time to time. Transformation PK Who is the winner? This handsome little boy looks like an expert in transformation. He performed very calmly in the transformation preliminary, and then rushed to the finals in one fell swoop, breaking the VTech mini-agent team transformation record in the shortest time and winning the final Toy award. It's really super awesome! For animation fans, this is not only a fun press conference, but also a mini-agent team fan meeting and a big party for transforming toys. Every child who participated in it got the joy of capitalization. A good place for parents and children during summer vacation in Chongqing. It is understood that from now to August 8, the country's first mini-agent team's strongest soldier guarding theme exhibition will be held here for a period of one month. During the exhibition, a 6-meter-high giant check-in point for Fule’s summons was set up at the entrance of Gate 1 of Tianjie Street, Xicheng, Longhu, Chongqing, for fans and children to take photos. Every weekend, a hero meeting and a doll parade with different themes will be held. Children can interact and have close contact with the strongest warriors in cool armors. The most important thing is that VTech’s 'Mini Agent Team•Super Dinosaur Force 2' IP-licensed toy series have been trialed during the period. Kids, welcome to play~
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