Quanzhou toy export, out of a U-shaped curve

by:Ennas      2021-11-30

Report from this newspaper (Reporter Xu Zhansheng, Correspondent Huang Qishan) Quanzhou toy exports have stepped out of a U-shaped curve: in the first half of last year, the export value fell 19.54% year-on-year; the third quarter exports were 41,059,900 US dollars, an increase of 5.86% year-on-year; the fourth quarter Exports were USD 24,055,800, an increase of 7.8% year-on-year; from January to February this year, it continued to maintain a good momentum.   The relevant experts of Quanzhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau analyzed that in 2012, affected by the European debt crisis, the world's major toy buyers were in a wait-and-see state, and they were too late to place orders, which directly led to the decline in Quanzhou's toy exports in the first half of 2013. The rebound began in the second half of last year. On the one hand, it was due to the improvement of the global economic situation. On the other hand, it was due to the effect of Quanzhou toy companies' transformation and exploration.   It is reported that there are 49 toy export enterprises in the jurisdiction of Fujian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, 39 of which are located in Quanzhou. But for a long time, Quanzhou toy export companies have mostly stayed in the OEM (OEM) mode. Some companies have settled an account and exported a toy, 60% of the profits go to the seller, 30% to the brand, and the manufacturer can only get the remaining 10%.   how to break through? Quanqi gradually broke out two paths.   The first way, in-depth docking with original animation brands. 'Obtaining the authorization of well-known brands has a great effect on the promotion and promotion of toy sales.' said Chen Yijuan, general manager of Jiali Children's Products Co., Ltd.   The company has a history of more than 20 years and is an old toy company in Quanzhou. The company has obtained the authorization of international famous car brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover to develop the 'Happy Years' series of baby strollers. Originally, a baby stroller toy was exported for only two to three hundred yuan. After the authorization, it can sell for four to five hundred yuan.   Lili Toys Company also tasted the sweetness. As early as 2009, Lili won the domestic animation 'Fantasy Dragon Treasure' toy car production authorization for 700,000 yuan. Last year, the company's 'Fantasy Dragon Treasure' car exports reached US$8.0734 million, a year-on-year increase of 29%. 'In January of this year, we reached preliminary cooperation intentions with two international animation brands, Ahri and Hello Kitty,' said Xu Binbin, the company's general manager. 'These are two animation images that are popular among girls and are in line with our market positioning. '   The second way is to create its own brand.   Hengsheng Company, at the beginning of its establishment, was only a toy factory specializing in OEM production for foreign brands. As there is no self-developed products, it has become less and less competitive in the market.   In 2010, the company registered the 'Jazz Rabbit' trademark and invested nearly 10 million yuan to create 52 episodes of large-scale 3D animation 'Jazz Rabbit Fantasy Journey'. In the process of animation production and broadcasting, derivative products also quietly occupied the market. 'At the end of last year, we signed an export project of US$8.5 million and US$100,000 with companies from Hong Kong and Brazil, and a large part of them were derivatives of Jazz Rabbit Animation.' The company's relevant person in charge revealed that the company will also The way to authorize the image of cartoon characters, export the brand.   At present, among Quanzhou toy companies, more than 95% have self-developed products, and more than 40% have their own brand output.
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