Quanzhou, creating the world's largest copper relief group _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-11
Core tip: quanzhou's sixth session of tourism festival, quanzhou has just completed the riverside levees large-scale relief murals of copper & quot; WenLing usually go there on special trip for & quot; And & quot; Tung fu in one thousand & quot; For visitors to see the light of quanzhou is being held on the 6th tourism festival, quanzhou has just completed the riverside levees large-scale relief murals of copper 'WenLing usually go there on special trip for' and 'tung fu in one thousand for visitors to watch the beautiful scenery. This group of relief group of 4 meters high, the 6 km long, depicting the scenic spot and the humanities landscape, fully display the natural landscapes and folk customs of quanzhou. It is understood that this group of paintings is by far the most, most abundant story, scene of the most spectacular, the largest copper relief group, quanzhou officials are planning to declare the guinness book of world records for its. Work for long: by 12 relief phase compose halal afterglow, east lake fragrant lotus, brightness, luoyang tide voice, twin towers volley, the temple carried in a tripartite balance, the west lake a phantasy, days that lasts, jade ball pneumatic, thorough fares of the north river nutonetm, purple hat dedicated, bamboo shoots. 'halal afterglow in mosques, huai guandi temple as the theme, linking clap breast dance, dynasties, and other folk activities, display of quanzhou set zhongyuan verve, jin tang legacy, overseas Chinese religion in the integration of cultural traits. 'luoyang tide voice' deduced Cai Xiang built the legend of the luoyang bridge, the three-dimensional visual illusion combined with a two dimensional space plane GouZhi, through the beautiful legends show luoyang enchanting charm of the ancient bridge. Appetitie whet shi jinsong, who was born in xiamen in 1988, graduated from fujian normal university fine arts, now a visiting professor of tianjin academy of fine arts. Made by Wang Yanfei, 16 years old in wrought brass art, more than 20 years of experience, for the great hall of the people, military commission building and so on production of wrought brass relief. Mural association, vice chairman of China, the China central academy professor Li Huaji think: 'wrought brass relief could have such a quality and modelling, an incredible. Such a scale, the art quality is one of the few in the country. ”
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