Qisehua appeared at CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, creating a brand of preschool education integrating Chinese and Western

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

The CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition, which has attracted much attention from the industry and abroad, will be held as scheduled this year, from October 21-23, 2020, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. CPE China Preschool Education Expo is positioned to be internationalized, branded, and professional, and to create a new communication platform for the preschool education industry. Recently, Jin Jun, general manager of Beijing Qisehua Education Technology Development Co., Ltd., a well-known preschool brand exhibitor, was interviewed by reporters from CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition to analyze its own product characteristics and brand development. CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition reporter: Qisehua has been actively seeking international cooperation. In terms of international cooperation, how does your company choose partners? Qisehua General Manager Jin Jun: Qisehua chooses to cooperate with the most representative preschool brands in the world, including Weplay from Taiwan, HABA from Germany, guide craft from the United States and so on. For example, we have been cooperating with Weplay for nearly 10 years. The brand is by far the most systematic professional brand of sensory integration training and teaching toys; while the American guide craft has very systematic STEM teaching toy products and high-end children's furniture and equipment. What we value most when selecting products is to see whether its educational philosophy meets domestic needs, and some imported products will also be adjusted according to domestic educational characteristics. In addition, imported educational toys generally do not have courses. We will deeply communicate the educational concept of the product with the brand, and then our team of experts will compile the courseware. Reporter from CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition: In order to establish a complete educational toy system, your company has also carried out many cooperations with domestic brands. What are the principles of your company's selection of products when cooperating with domestic brands? Jin Jun, general manager of Qisehua: In recent years, the domestic educational toy industry has developed a large number of good brands, such as Best, Qianfan, Silford and so on. For the parts that cannot be met by foreign products, we will also choose domestic brands for cooperation. When selecting products, we most value whether the educational function, quality, appearance and other aspects of the product fit the positioning of Qisehua. In addition, originality is also an aspect that Qisehua attaches great importance to. CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition reporter: Qisehua has now developed into a well-known brand with great influence in the preschool education circle. Could you please talk about your company's product development strategy? Qisehua General Manager Jin Jun: Qisehua established a research and development team in 2007 and began to develop teaching toys independently. Up to now, it has developed more than 500 products covering all aspects of game activities. These products are very popular in the park, such as themed building blocks series, story series combining picture books and hand puppet games, STEM science series such as phantom flying saucers and hand-cranked movies, etc. Qisehua has established ten series of product systems, including furniture, sports, construction, science, puzzles, art and labor, and 0-3 year-old preschool education resources, and more than 4,000 single products, covering all aspects of game activities in kindergartens. need. Reporter of CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition: What measures does your company have in brand promotion and service? The Internet live broadcast is hot at the moment, does your company have any relevant plans? Qisehua General Manager Jin Jun: Qisehua headquarters has set up 14 product exhibition halls. Under normal circumstances, kindergartens or customers visit our exhibition halls every day. We will provide pick-up and drop-off service, and we will also provide delivery to the gardens in Beijing. Door-to-door, installation and other services; in addition, the trainer will also go to the garden for training on products and courses. In addition, Qisehua has a considerable part of its business in Shanghai, so last year Qisehua established a showroom in Shanghai in conjunction with American guide craft to provide services to customers in Shanghai. We are currently preparing to conduct a live broadcast, mainly to introduce new products and provide convenience for customers to choose products. CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition Reporter: Your company has participated in CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition for several consecutive sessions. Could you please talk briefly about the reasons for continuing to participate in the exhibition and how you feel about participating in previous exhibitions? Qisehua General Manager Jin Jun: Since 2004, we have participated in the CTE China Toy Fair. Later, the association launched the CPE China Early Childhood Education Exhibition. The exhibition is an important way for us to expand. We will participate every year. Many cooperative brands are in Many brands I met at the exhibition have also become in-depth partners of Qisehua. Reporter from CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition: What new plans will your company have in the future? What is the focus of your company's efforts? Qisehua General Manager Jin Jun: Qisehua will continue to increase investment in research and development in the future, develop educational toy products that are integrated into Chinese traditional culture, and build Qisehua into a brand that integrates Chinese and Western culture. It has both international products and cultural heritage. . If you want to have a close communication with the Qisehua brand, lock in the CPE China Preschool Education Exhibition on October 21-23!
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