Qingtian stone, qingtian stone and _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-06
Core clew: qingtian stone, due to its moist texture soft, colorful, and is easy to be carved, so is the development and utilization in long ago. Qingtian stone carving history, from the unearthed relics, my lover, qingtian stone, due to its moist texture soft, colorful, and is easy to be carved, so is the development and utilization in long ago. From the unearthed relics, qingtian stone carving history my lover, can be traced back to the period of shells, it was the winter of 1989, jiangxi xingan shang dynasty unearthed cultural relics jade thefeathermen to textual research. The six dynasties had carved stone pig as a richer ( Now zhejiang museum) As well as the result of women, children and other accessories, craft also gradually prosperous developed accordingly. Later as the evolution of The Times, the improvement of people's aesthetic consciousness, stone consistency artisan can according to the stone color, texture, nail the different quality of a material, and with the class informs, due to the carvers can engrave into four, stamp, and figure of Buddha, fragrance lamps, small variety, such as practical arts and crafts, as well as the aesthetic need specially play stone carving shells, fruit, animals, insects, fish, and so on Chen high quality of subject matter. These products not only meet the needs of the domestic people, also began to foreign sales. In the 17th and 18th century, qingtian people because through Siberia, qingtian stone, selling in Europe. Then, qingtian stone, footprints all over southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, the United States and other places. Everywhere, the products are sold, and they admired by local people. Qingtian stone carvings carved as qingtian stone material works of art. With beautiful modelling, the superb skill compel people love, described as 'embroidered on the stone', breathtaking. Qingtian stone carving art of the emergence, development so far, about 1700 years of history, it has a long history. One thousand years, the stone carving artists use industrious hands and simple tool giving life to mute stone, and on their thoughts and to the praise of nature. Qingtian stone carving its genre, bold and unrestrained atmosphere, exquisite and delicate, xingshenjianbei. The tone is for realistic meaning; Technique of round, engraved look, relief, and the line an hour; Process split-phase stone, breakdown, rough carving, fine carving, sealing wax, polishing, etc. Stone carving artists design according to the characteristics of the stone material, in accordance with the color take qiao, due to the carvers change decayed for magical, qingtian stone carving has a unique artistic charm. Pass and table mountain is the cradle of qingtian stone carvings. Qingtian stone distribution is very wide, and in order to pass, as the center; Hundreds of qingtian stone sort, and to pass the light frozen, FengMen green, FengMen three-color, Huang Jinyao the most expensive. Contemporary famous seal cutting Han Tianheng wrote in a preamble: taste qingtian stone itself is a work of art. Regardless of the quality of frozen or frozen rock are pure without chamber, 'strong your mind', 'soft sand', the most suitable for the knife and elicits carved, spirituality, is the ancient indians have favorite class, the most reliable choice printing materials. Qingtian stone carving, favored by the world, not only because DiaoYi superb, more because it is the carrier of qingtian stone and precious. A poet acknowledged great qingtian FengMen frozen rock: try reading FengMen billions of spring, or gold. Nuwa heritage stone today in, against the wind. Qingtian stone carving is a generation of stone carving artist and viewer together create excellent ethnic culture, there is life, there are the art of the soul. Its charm is irreplaceable in any other art, rich cultural accumulation make qingtian the riverside city more. Dry for one hundred years, it makes people yearning, likeable, enlightenment to the person, give love it the beauty and happiness of understanding friend. Since the 19th century, qingtian stone carvings for many times in the international exposition gold medal, silver medal, won a high reputation, after the founding of new China, and many times by the party and the state as a country gift giving foreign heads of state. In 1992, the state ministry of posts and telecommunications specially released four stone special stamp, qingtian, respectively, in 1995, 1996, was named the relevant departments of the State Council for the hometown of Chinese stone carving art and the Chinese stone carving of the township. Qingtian stone, in recent years, more because of its exquisite ShiYi, JingDiaoXiLou, wonderful artical excelling nature, known as the lives of the Chinese nation, and is increasingly become celebrities ladult collection fashion, popular at home and abroad. Over the past 20 years, qingtian stone carving is developing rapidly. At present, the county engaged in stone carving creation, production, management of more than 20000 people, production of hundreds of millions of yuan. Works are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, renowned at home and abroad. Qingtian stone carving is the pride of qingtian, is the pride of Chinese national culture.
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