Qingdao Dayou Electronic Toys Co., Ltd. changes the mindset of simply 'selling products'

by:Ennas      2021-12-08

After the international financial crisis, toy export orders were insufficient, profits were continuously being diluted, and the toy industry urgently needed to be transformed. Qingdao Dayou Electronic Toys Co., Ltd. has changed the mindset of simply 'selling products' and realized product value-added through 'cross-border' cooperation with animation.   Chairman Liu Wei is determined to explore a new business model. She said, “We will focus on developing the domestic market and focus on improving customer experience and enhancing customer stickiness.” The underwater world with large passenger flow, good atmosphere and concentrated target groups has become the first choice. Through the design of lifelike marine animal image and rich marine scene setting, it attracts consumers. At present, Dayou has cooperated with 38 underwater worlds across the country, and its sales performance has doubled year after year.   At the end of last year, Liu Wei and He Ziyun, the founder of Qingdao Fairytale Kingdom Animation Company, joined forces, and a cross-border company with toy blood and animation genes was born. He Ziyun took a fancy to a polar bear plush toy called 'Ka Ka' owned by Liu Wei: thoughtful design and naive image. The company is currently producing five seasons and a total of 156 episodes of the 'KaKa Family' series of animations. The production cost per minute is about 10,000 yuan, which is equivalent to the production cost and level of the popular animations. The film has been confirmed to be broadcast on CCTV one set next year. It is foreseeable that once the animation is recognized, it will inevitably stimulate the sales of related derivatives.   Comment    is not just a big investment.    The two major animation production countries, the United States and Japan, the biggest profits of the animation industry come from its derivatives. The cross-border cooperation between Liu Wei and He Ziyun has a foundation for success, but even so, some people in the industry have expressed concern. After all, the cost of producing cartoons alone will cost tens of millions of dollars. The huge investment puts a lot of financial pressure on the company. Industry insiders pointed out that whether the development model of combining derivatives and animation can be successful, one is to create a successful animation image, and the other is to enhance the integration of animation derivatives and animation film and television works, so as to facilitate the cooperation with various marketing methods to drive animation. Sales of derivatives.
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