Qin and han periods of jade carving _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-09
Core tip: is China's first feudal system of the qin dynasty unified the country, but there is only a decade perish, though there is a Terra Cotta Warriors, known as the eighth wonders of the world, but other come down with a clear calendar is China's first feudal system of the qin dynasty unified the country, but there is only a decade perish, though there is a Terra Cotta Warriors is known as the eighth wonders of the world, but other come down with a clear calendar few of cultural relics. Due to lack of reference, so it is difficult to make a definite date of the qin dynasty cultural relics. From the point of sporadic unearthed jade, and the warring states period work fine jade difference is not big, also did not see representative works. The qin dynasty jade carving art also depends on the underground archaeological discoveries. To the han period, due to the social stability, national strength is strong, the jade culture is booming. From nobility to senators gentleman even wealthy class daily with the jade varieties rich, numerous, exquisite processing technology. Now appeared many fine works, represented the highest level of this age. Han dynasty jade inherited the tradition of the warring states period jade, and change and development. Jade ritual ( The so-called jade) Reduce earlier, is no longer an important part of the jade varieties, but all have large increase ornamental jade baldric, for human jade burial objects become significantly increased, jade ware has larger development. In terms of carving process, full relief and high relief, increase in the number of jade and inlaid with jade objects from the previous valuable. such handiwork. Decorative style by abstract primarily to give priority to with realistic, some shoven jade has reality and vitality, unity of seven better to combine into an organic whole, these are for the pre-qin jade. Bring engraved look panlong jade cup bring those lines first bring head of han dynasty jade jade jade shop inherit the essence of the warring states period jade carving, continue to grow, and established the basic pattern of Chinese jade culture. Paid attention to by the han dynasty jade material choice, especially advocating white jade, a large number of hetian jade into the central plains, laid the material foundation for the han dynasty jade carving. Han dynasty jade has the characteristics of both the clear and free from vulgarity, freedom is bold and unrestrained, at the same time as the typical characteristic of bold and vigorous, its high. Many of han yu Yin line draw the outline of, line is slender, comfortable and easy. Common use implicit and hollow out process, technology is very skilled, high relief and the round is also a large number of use. Jade broken symmetry and other traditional design style, give full play to the subjective imagination and content is rich and varied. Thick lines is the characteristic of han dynasty jade carving and carved by Yin line into swim silk wool is an important symbol of the han dynasty jade carving stone. The ancients praised han dynasty jade carving 'han Chinese, miao in double, indirect flow grinding method, fine into the trick, no more over the uneven density of intermittent just like hairspring uncluttered, no delay. Polishing technology to achieve a high level, 'han dynasty jade pieces such as polished jade surface smooth as a mirror. Han dynasty jade carving works of the Mosaic technology, inset jades, jade, gold and so on. Gold lock, the silver ray of jade clothing amazed by technological level. Decorative mainly include geometrical grain and animal grain, geometric lines are GuWen, reed mat, vortex, thunder and tow lines, etc. ; Animals have a dragon grain, grain, those lines, etc. Due to the influence of Taoist thought, banish evil evil and reflect the feather immortal subjects of jade carving works. Bring changle jade jade cicada bring bring moire footed cup han dynasty jade can be divided into burial jade jade, jade ritual jade, jade act the role ofing, display four categories, the most can reflect the han dynasty jade characteristics and carve craft level, is buried jade jade and display. Han dynasty jade is very common, there are three main kinds, one is the wall on both sides of the tight GuWen or reed mat. 'Meat' in the 'good' convex edge, vertical and flat; Another jade besides GuWen and reed mat, and tow lines to add those lines, a circle each other; Moreover is out of the profile and the profile section is longfeng, therefore lines or more auspicious words, etc. The city unearthed a profile with long 25. GuWen 5 cm, two sides wall is full set, the profile section is symmetric valuable. such handiwork bend over and stand of ssangyong, mouth teeth, chin, dignified majestic momentum, the top valuable. such handiwork magnificent moire, jade carving made careful, modelling is very beautiful, good big jade jade expected, is the high-quality goods of han yu. Bring about longfeng grain wek-jin bring moire ancient jade bring dragon having rosefinch wek-jin
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